The story of Andrew Tate, the most Googled man on earth today

Andrew Tate is a phenomenon right now, no doubt. If this is your first time hearing about the man, you are about to be hit by a meteor.

Andrew Tate

A social media influencer with a huge gift of eloquence, the 35-year-old America-Briton who resides in Romania has become so viral that the hashtag Andrew Tate on TikTok has upwards of 10 billion views. The result is that he's become the most Googled man on earth today, way above the likes of Donald J. Trump or Kim Kardashian.

Andrew Tate is a red-pill type guy who has been blowing up in the last 6 months mainly off of TikTok. He talks about subjects like fighting the Matrix - a global system whose aim is to fully enslave humanity, the true nature of masculinity, and how to make huge sums of money among other things.

While it feels like he's dropped from Uranus, Andrew Tate has been milling around for close to 10 years on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram where he was constantly banned and suppressed the platforms.

One thing is undeniable; Tate, a son of a black American Chess grandmaster and a white Briton has a one-in-a-billion type charisma and he is a gifted wordsmith.

He's like an uncanny cross between comedian Russel Brand and Muhammed Ali, the former for beautiful speech and the latter for high charisma.

He's a Greek god when it comes to physique and he's not just ripped for show. He's a four-time Kickboxing world champion with a net worth northwards of USD 350 Million.

His radical opinions about sex, women, money, covid-19, true freedom, true masculinity ring so true that his following grows by the minute. However, it is the same radical views that have caused him to be banned from all social media giants like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. The result of the ban is that even those that would never have heard of the guy are now watching his material, loving it and probably enrolling in his online University.

Yes, you read that right. Tate runs a university, Hustlers University where you pay USD 50 dollars per month to learn about one thing and one thing only: how to make money. His disdain for the current format of education and how it keeps us blind to the true nature of money is pretty compelling. The enrollment is at 100,000 students currently and growing like a wildfire.

Tate refers to himself as Top G and his kickboxing moniker is CobraTate. He also runs something called the War Room, a sort of high level brotherhood (a new Free Masons, if you will) with over 2000 members, 600 of which are reportedly millionaires. Membership to the group costs peanuts amounting to USD5000.

This is not a long form forum so let's stop at that.

Go watch some these videos and you will realise one thing: people like Tate only come along once in a century. He's truly something. But who am I to say? Go check him out yourself, if you haven't yet.

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