Shs400 billion to be availed for the pay of health workers - Government

The ministry of finance has said Shs 400 billion has been set aside by government towards improving the salaries of health workers across the country in the next financial year.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Ramathan Ggoobi,

This was revealed by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Ramathan Ggoobi, at the launch of the “budget month” at the Uganda Media Centre.

Government of Uganda has provided in the next Budget over shs 400 billion to enhance the salaries and wages of health workers and other scientists,” Ggoobi revealed.

This announcement is timely as it tacitly addresses the quiet storm gathering involving medics closing ranks with health professionals across the country to stage industrial action over government’s purported failure to enhance their pay.

Dr. Patrick Alibu, the chairperson of the Allied Health Professionals’ Association Alliance, said they want the salary for a diploma holder to be Shs 3m instead of the current Shs 1.2m.

Additionally, they also demand that a certificate holder’s salary to be enhanced from Shs 600,000 to Shs 1.2 million.

To add seeming insult to injury, science teachers in government schools are also on strike over what they deem to be unfulfilled presidential pledges.

However, Ggoobi said that the science teachers will also be catered for in the next financial year.

“Science teachers will also be catered for in this first phase of increments. This has been provided for,” Ggoobi revealed.

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija warned against protests, saying that strikes will not improve a situation whose wheels have seemingly come off and so people should be civil and understanding of the efforts being made on behalf of the workers.

Striking is not a solution because you will not create more resources by striking. The best thing is to come and we discuss, we show you..because there is a program,” Kasaija said.

Kasaija added that salary enhancement will be done gradually for all categories of public servants.

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