Kidnappers in Niger drop guns, reject crime for chance at honest jobs

Surrendered gunmen
  • Gunmen in Niger and the Northern part of Nigeria have decided to give up their life of crime.
  • They also promised to help authorities in the region fight crime.
  • The government has pardoned their crime and promised them rehabilitation and vocational skills. 

Law enforcers in the West African nation of Niger, and the northern part of Nigeria, recorded a huge win, as numerous gunmen in the region decided to turn in their weapons.


According to a report by the BBC, an estimated 86 gunmen in the region surrendered their weapons for a more secure and honest future. For years these gunmen have been synonymous with the rampant kidnappings and killings in the area.

Some parts of Northern Nigeria have been hotspots for violent activities such as kidnappings and terrorist attacks. So the surrender of almost 100 gunmen marks a milestone event for the restoration of lawfulness in the region.

But recently, after much soul-searching, they decided that violence wasn’t an option in the wake of the damage they had wrought.

In light of this new development, they asked the government to create jobs for them. The government’s initial response has been to pardon and rehabilitate these ex-gunmen. They will not be tried for their crimes and would face zero penalties for the damage to life and property they have caused thousands. Also, there has been no word on whether the families of their victims would be compensated.

In addition to surrendering, the ex-gunmen also promised to aid authorities in the region in fighting crime by trying to convince other kidnappers to also surrender and embrace peace.

In turn, the authorities in the region have promised to render vocational skills to the ex-gunmen.

Officials have noted that this is the first step in restoring peace in the region. This move is one of President Mohammed Bazoum’s strategies to end the insecurity in Niger.


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