Quiz: Can we measure if you're afraid of commitment?

Fear of commitment is one of the most common explanations given when partners are unable to take their relationships from one stage to the next. This quiz will help you discover how afraid of commitment you are when it comes to relationships, let's go!

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Pick a great Valentine's gift for a partner you've been with for 5 years

Engraved jewellery
Shared Spotify Premium Family subscription
Key to your house/apartment
Marriage proposal

According to you, which is the most basic sign of commitment when a relationship begins?

The 'what are we?' conversation
Introducing the person as your girlfriend or boyfriend
Doing 'the deed'

What is the ultimate goal of dating?

To get into an exclusive romantic relationship
Learning more about each other, becoming friends
Identifying the most compatible partner

Pick a form of dating that you're least willing to try

Online dating
Blind dating
Speed dating
A close friend acting as a matchmaker

In the first 3 months of a romantic relationship, it is safe to disclose...

Passwords to your social media accounts
Home addresses/Where you reside
Deeply held personal values and principles
Sexual preferences

Would you adopt a new religion or spiritual practice for your romantic partner?

No, and you wouldn't expect them to do so either
Yes, even if it would be a big adjustment
Only if they asked you to
I'm not sure, I've never been in that situation

In your estimation, how often do situationships turn into serious, long-term relationships?

10% - maybe 1 in every 10 situationships
0% - it is impossible
50% - sometimes they do, sometimes they don't
80% - many long-term relationships start out as situationships

Pick the most common reason that has ended your past relationships

You broke up with a cheating partner
You didn't think it was a good match
Your partner wanted more than you were able to give
Most times you don't know why the relationship ended

Which of these options sounds more like you?

You have a checklist that determines whether you will commit to a relationship
You depend on the vibe to decide if a relationship is worth committing to
You watch how a person interacts with your closest friends or family before committing to a relationship
You always treat everyone with suspicion until they earn your trust

What can make you rethink your commitment to a relationship?

A selfish or jealous partner
Lies and deception
A partner who can't solve problems amicably
Not quite sure
Your score: For you, commitment is a two-way street.
You are not afraid of commitment but you require a balance in the give-and-take of a relationship and most times you will only be as committed as your partner is.
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Your score: You are more afraid of the unknown than commitment.
Sometimes it's hard to commit if you are uncertain of exactly what you're getting yourself into, the best cure for fear of the unknown is seeking more information and giving it time.
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Your score: You are definitely afraid of commitment!
But you are not alone, a lot of people are afraid of committing to relationships. Trust your instincts and look for ways to tell when you 're ready to actually commit.
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Your score: You're prone to over-committing.
When you're in, you're all in! This is probably what most people like about you but you can also admit that sometimes it hasn't worked out great. Learning moderation is the trick for you.
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