This quiz will suggest something outrageous to do for Anti-Valentine's Day

Your answers will match you to one of four hilariously unconventional Valentine's Day celebrations, dive in!

Man in white turtleneck sweater holding red rose [Image Credit: RDNE Stock Project]

If you had to choose a fantasy partner, which trait would you prefer?

A partner with the ability to turn anything into gold, because priorities
An individual who sweats air freshener, making every room smell like heaven
A person with a magical pocket that always has exactly what you need (but mostly snacks)
Someone who can speak fluent dolphin, for those deep (sea) conversations

Which of these date disasters sounds the most hilariously unfortunate?

"Hot date" - Accidentally setting a table on fire with a romantic candle
The date is in a themed restaurant where everyone must eat in complete darkness, and you're wearing white
Karaoke but your date is tone-deaf and insists on singing every song.
The movie you're watching with your date is a documentary on snails narrated by your ex

Choose the statement that best expresses your feelings about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day should just be moved to April 1st, so we can finally call it what it is
I'm in a committed relationship with freedom and self-love, we're very happy together
Valentine's Day: Because nothing says love like overpriced flowers and heart-shaped chocolates
Roses are red, violets are blue, I'd rather spend my money on RingOs for two (me and me again)

Your go-to anti-Valentine self-care activity

Dramatic lip-syncs to a playlist of breakup songs
"Unromantic Comedy" movie marathon, featuring films where things hilariously fall apart
Writing love letters to your future self
Binge-watching horror movies to appreciate how peaceful being single can be

Your anti-Valentine's Day drink of choice is...

"Freedom Fizz" - A sparkling soda with an unpredictable mix of flavors
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" - A mocktail with a mix of sour lemon and sweet syrup
"Ghosted Grog" - A mysterious drink that disappears from the menu after you order it
"Single Malt Solitude" - A whisky cocktail for one, with a twist of independence

If you could have any pet to keep you company on Anti-Valentine's Day, what would it be?

A cat that has a habit of shredding romantic novels
A chicken that gives you a judgmental look whenever you start to feel sentimental
A loyal dog that growls every time it hears the word "Valentine."
A talking parrot that's been trained to say, "Love is overrated."

What gift would you enjoy receiving on Anti-Valentine's Day?

A custom jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are the same color
Mystery chocolates where each piece is either delightfully sweet or ridiculously spicy
An "unlovable" plant that thrives on neglect
Free giveaways including 1 movie ticket and a fine dining experience for one

Which song is your Anti-Valentine's Day anthem?

'Front Door [We Remember Gregory Isaacs]' by Tarrus Riley
'Pande Ile (Dear Ex)' by Ssaru
'Kill Bill' by SZA
"Inauma" by Bien

What animal best embodies your Anti-Valentine's Day vibe?

A playful dolphin, finding joy in the waves, free from the constraints of coupledom
A nocturnal owl, wise to the ways of the world and perfectly content in solitude
A majestic eagle soaring alone, high above the trivialities of romantic gestures
A resilient tortoise, slow and steady, not rushing for anyone or anything, especially not Valentine's Day

What toast will you make to yourself on Anti-Valentine's Day? ABDC

Here's to me, may I always be my own best date!
To freedom, may my glass never be as empty as these Valentine's clichés!
Here's to love, whatever it is!
To single life, where the only thing I'm committed to is my Netflix queue!
Your score: Have a "Ghost Your Ex" Party!
A playful nod to leaving past relationships in the dust with ghost-themed entertainment.
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Your score: Have a "Mismatched Socks" Marathon!
Embrace the unpredictable and carefree spirit of single life with a day of mismatched adventures
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Your score: Have a "Dress as Your Favorite Breakup Song" Karaoke Night!
Belt out your singlehood pride and wear your heartbreak on your sleeve (or costume).
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Your score: Have a "Make Your Own Anti-Love Potion" Cooking Class!
Cook up a storm of deliciously anti-romantic dishes, because who needs love when you have food?
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