Quiz: How much do you know about the kitchen and cooking?

Test your knowledge of cooking and the kitchen


What's the best method for peeling tomatoes?

Use a knife
Blanch them
Microwave them
Blanch them Next question
Blanching tomatoes is the key to easy skin removal. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add the tomatoes into the boiling water. Remove them when the skin begins to peel, after about 30 seconds, and cool them down in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes. Once they cool, you'll be able to peel them with your fingers.

Why should you always pierce your potatoes before baking them?

To cool off the baked potatoas it bakes
To give the potato a crisp skin
To give the potato shape
To let out steam as they bake
To let out steam as they bake Next question

What is the ideal temperature for your fridge?

10-5 degrees C
5-10 degrees C
0-4 degrees C
-5-0 degrees C
0-4 degrees C Next question
For the best food safety and storage, refrigerators should be kept at about 0 to 4 degrees C

Which is the best way to keep a knife sharp?

Whet stone
Knife Sharpener
Honing rod
All the above
All the above Next question

Which sweetener is a natural preservative and will never spoil?

Brown rice syrup
Honey Next question
It's true; honey doesn't go bad. It can, though, with time and temperature, become cloudy and thicker, which can be cured by placing the jar in a pan of warm water.

What the best way to handle a hot pot?

Use gloves
Use a towel
Use mittens
Use wooden spoons
Use mittens Next question

This set of gasses are used in cooking at home

Butane, Propane, Methane
Oxygen, Propane, Methane
Oxygen, Methane, LPG
Oxygen, Propane, LPG
Butane, Propane, Methane Next question

What kitchen tool do you use to scrape the sides of a bowl of a semi-solid ingredient (like yummy chocolate chip cookie dough)

Metal spoon
Rubber scraper/spatula
Rubber scraper/spatula Next question

How long should we wash our hands?

5-15 seconds
20-30 seconds
40-60 seconds
1-2 minutes
20-30 seconds Next question

A casserole is a kitchen pan used mostly for:

Storing things in the freezer
Boiling things
Frying things
Baking things
Baking things Next question
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