Avoid cooking rice this way or you're eating poison

Even though this method of cooking rice seems quick, simple and very convenient, it is also the least healthy.

Cooking rice in plastic bags is risky [Shutterstock]

Rice, next to potatoes and pasta, is one of the most popular side dishes. It may also be one of the healthiest, due to the richness of ingredients important for our body.


Unfortunately, cooking it in plastic bags means that rice can turn from a healthy snack into a poison.

It often happens that we care about our health and add rice to dinner. We buy a box with the healthiest type of grain, i.e. jasmine or brown rice, take out a plastic, perforated bag from it and throw it into boiling water.

Packages with ready-made portions of grain packed in plastic bags occupy entire shelves in supermarkets. Even though this method of cooking seems quick, simple and very convenient, it is also the least healthy.


This is because plastic bags with rice or groats contain a compound called BPA, i.e. Bisphenol A. As it turns out, this compound penetrates cooked food under the influence of high temperature, and when we eat it, we introduce it into the body. Unfortunately, Bisphenol A can lead to serious health complications.

According to the Medonet website, this compound may lead to disruption of the body's hormonal balance, promotes obesity and threatens the fertility of men and pregnant women.

Therefore, even if we buy rice already divided into portions and packed in cooking bags, it is better to get rid of them and cook the grains loosely by pouring them into boiling water.



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