Hudu Hussein's guide to Yumbe district

Why? He tried to move the street preachers off the streets and back within the hallowed walls of the church.

As Amina Lukanga became the new RCC for Kampala, we all said “sorry, mate” in our various dialects.

However, Hussein has expressed readiness to work in Yumbe District.


For us when we sign the contracts, we commit to working in any part of the country whether it’s Kanungu or Abim, wherever the president takes us, we are ready to work. We are going to serve the people to ensure services reach them and they are secure,” said Hudu Hussein, who is not related to Saddam Hussein in any way.

That’s the spirit, Hudu. You tell them!

While you are doing so, we have a small guide to Yumbe district to help you settle in.

History and Geography


Yumbe District was created in November 2000 from Arua District. In this district, you can reach anywhere at the same time since you have South Sudan to the north, Moyo District to the east, Adjumani to the south-east, Arua to the south, Maracha to the south-west and Koboko to the west. The district covers a total area of 2,411km², 80.01% of which is arable, 17.08% forested and 9.9% covered by water bodies and wetlands. We see you become a farmer, Hudu. And with all those ‘water bodies’, we see your sex life thriving.


The ethnic majority (89%) in the district are Lugbara, this tribe has some solidly hot babes, Hudu. Other ethnicities include the Kakwa (Idi Amin and comedian Salvado’s tribe), Madi and Alur. The dialects spoken in the district include Arin-ga Lugbara (majority), Kak-wa, Bari, Madi and Alur. The other spoken languages are Kiswahili and English. The 2014 National Population and Housing Census estimated the district population at 484,822, with 52% women and 48% men. You see, Hudu, there are many single ladies to help you forget Kampala, forever.


Are you a smoker, Hudu?

If the answer is yes, then you are in for the time of your life since Tobacco is the major cash crop and main source of livelihood for many in the district. It is grown mainly in the fertile highland areas. We’ll check and get back to you on whether there’s any weed.

The land of fruits

We know you like your ladies juicy, well we hope you do, Hudu. Because this is the land of juices. Not only ladies, but juices from fruits such as mangoes and citrus fruits which grow well in the district, and a juice processing factory is to be opened soon (Aringa Fruit Factory). Hudu, let nobody laugh at you, you are going to have all the juices you want as your critics dry up in the sweltering Kampala sun.