4 hidden benefits of waist beads for female health

Waist beads have aesthetic and practical uses for the modern woman that have benefits for the female body.

4 hidden benefits of waist beads for female health

This traditional African accessory has roots in many West African cultures. It is a symbol of fertility, sensuality, femininity, and spiritual wellness. For each purpose, they come in different colors, with decorative items such as stones, charms, or crystals.

They are popular around the world today and serve a variety of health purposes besides cultural ones.

Read on to find out what waist beads are better suited for each person, the meanings behind colors and decorations, and how you can use them for better health.

The size of a woman's waist is usually taken into account for weight gain and heart health. Some women use waist beads to track changes in weight gain or loss in the abdomen instead of stepping on a scale.

Because they don't stretch, they either feel tight when you gain weight or feel loose when you lose weight. And because they are associated with femininity and beauty, they are more positive weight trackers than machines.

They can help a woman develop a better posture. The beads sit and fit differently based on sitting posture and breathing. It is this awareness that can serve as a reminder to sit straight, use stomach muscles, and relax the back or breath properly.

Waist beads can also be used to assert maturity, individualism, or growth.

In some traditions, babies are given beads during naming ceremonies but only girls continue to wear them beyond childhood. Others tie beads around girls during their first menstruation to symbolize womanhood and outgrowing a pair marks growth and transition.

They promote social ties which can boost mental and emotional wellness. Black women in the diaspora wear them to feel more connected to their roots and celebrate cultural and heritage practices.

They are constant physical reminders of one's tie to a rich culture and the person is free to choose what that means to them.

Waist beads are means of self-expression so you can choose whatever number you want and for whatever reason.

Decide where you want them to sit and get your waist measurements.

Some beads are permanent, which means they don't stretch and you cannot take them off unless they break or you cut them off.

There are removable beads and adjustable ones. These are best for women who want to keep wearing the beads at any size and stage of life.

Waist beads can be rich in symbolism if that's what you are going for. Their styles, colors, material, and stones come with specific meanings.

Blue: healing, harmony, insight, truth, brown: earth, stability, green: prosperity, fertility, abundance, hope, healing, purple: spirituality, wisdom, royalty, red: vitality, passion, bravery, confidence, white: light, truth, purity, yellow: wisdom, clarity, awareness, energy, joy.

This simple accessory can promote health and wellness from its transformative, grounding, positive, and sensual effect. It carries a rich culture that anyone can use and benefit from.

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