5 best date nights for her if you're not living together

Date nights can be romantic adventures that keep you safely tucked inside her heart. If only they didn't become monotonous after the first few months of dinner, movies, the bar, the couch, the list does not go on. However, past a certain stage in dating or relationships, date nights can be creative ways of making memorable moments with her.

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Just when she thinks the "dates honeymoon" is over, show her that you are only getting started. The best part is that the best date nights are quite simple even when they are unexpected, brief, or surprising. Just remember not to call them "date nights" otherwise having a "theme night" might grow old very fast.


So before you send that evening text asking how her day has been, pause for a moment and consider going over to ask her in person using these five best date night ideas.


Now, you may want to use this privilege sparingly. Showing up unannounced at her place at night can be a lovely surprise but leave an element of "space" in it and make it short.

Take her out to get food (for yourself too) and bring her back home, or you can just sit with her outside her house if you have that option and hang out for a bit.

Instead of asking her "out" or knocking, consider telling her to "look outside." Take her in whatever she is wearing and don't dress up yourself.


Come with something and engage in something you both enjoy doing, then leave at the end of the night.

This might be when she's sick, has had a long day, or you simply want to see her and feel like checking in.

Even though you may want to stay, stick to your plan to leave unless she asks you to stay.


It might not be official like a birthday, Valentine's Day or your relationship milestones, but a surprise anniversary of something important to her can make a big difference.

However, be careful not to overdo it, just on major events, especially ones that she has talked about.

Some of them might not be the atmosphere for a "date" night but being with her in any way on such a night can be significant to her.


Talking over the phone, over the TV or while engaging in some activity are not the only ways to form a strong bond with her.

Quiet moments in the busy modern world are few and far between, so take her outdoors and enjoy the quiet for date nights.

Taking a break to enjoy the silence of the night with a loved one will always be a nice romantic cliche.


If there's something happening and you find it awesome, invite her out and show her "your world".

It doesn't have to be physical all the time. It can be a major historic event, an online thing, or an international thing, among others.

Make sure to factor in something she enjoys or loves so that she isn't left out or bored.

Date nights are limited in time and activities you can do but that makes them that much more special when you put in the effort to keep them coming. It is also the only free time most people get after a day of work and other activities. Just remember to make them short, soft, comfortable, and safe for her.


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