How to make this viral DIY lemon snack for better movie nights

The latest trend in the line of TikTok viral foods is lemon popcorn. Of all the viral food trends from the social media platform, this may be the simplest one yet. It only requires the bare minimum of ingredients and a few minutes of your time but the result will blow your taste buds. Let's take a look at how to make them.

How to make this viral DIY lemon snack for better movie nights/Pixabay

Lemon popcorn is not a new concept by any stretch, but the snack currently going through a revivification on TikTok. All this is thanks to a video that has reached over 18 million people and received over 2 million likes.


TikToker @leels_ the creator of the video and trigger of the lemon popcorn revival demonstrates the simple steps to making lemon popcorn at home. She calls it her "new obsession snack."

She says in the video, "Yesterday somebody gave me a lemony piece of popcorn and I have not stopped thinking about it, so we're gonna make it."


She throws some fresh lemon zest in a small bowl and adds some sea salt. She then adds the mixture to a big bowl of freshly made microwave popcorn. She continues to squeeze fresh lemon juice on the top and mixes everything together.

Her reaction after tasting the final product tells you some of what you should expect.

Although she noted that lemon salt would have been easier to use, the zesting and juicing of an actual lemon are guaranteed to give you the full experience. Fresh lemon is also easier to get and use if you can't find lemon salt. With fresh lemon, the lemon aroma is likely to be stronger.

Fellow TikTokers decided to try the recipe with some of them bringing their own twist.


User @joshhallan, a self-proclaimed lover of both popcorn and lemon, added a small twist to the recipe by mixing the lemon zest with melted butter before tossing it with the popped kernels. According to him, "That's so much better than I thought it would be."

The number of users who reported a similar experience to @leels_ shows that if you find that citrus tangy taste, you are in for a treat! The others who added small twist shows that the customisation potential is strong if you are trying out the recipe.

Some TikTok users in the comments suggested adding flavour boosters like garlic salt or hot sauce. You may also want to get fresh air-popped popcorn instead of microwave bags popcorn.

If you make your own popcorn, try adding the lemon ingredients before popping the corn.


However, whatever you come up with in the end, your popcorn and/or movie night experience will be changed forever.


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