Video: Why Twitter is so mad at this family eating

Video of a family having lunch has sent Twitter into feats of rage and angry comments. Family and food are two of the most important things in everyone's life. So it is understandable that people are agitated when someone violates any of them, but worse still when it is both.

Family sharing a meal/Video inside/Courtesy/Yahoo Life

There's a trend of content creators especially on TikTok who make videos that just seem to annoy everyone who watches them. Whether it is intentional or not, the content is outrageous and makes a number of people upset.


Like these content creators who keep making videos of food preparation from toilet bowls. There is also a different kind that makes food out of ingredients that should not be mixed. It is all just incredibly disturbing and you can't blame viewers for getting angry.

The story is a bit different in this video of a lovely nuclear family of a father, mother, daughter, and son sitting at the dining table having what appears to be lunch or dinner.


Whether they were aware of being filmed or not, is far from concern once they start serving the food.

Once they start rationing the food, an interesting dynamic starts. And by dynamic, we mean something you don't see anywhere during mealtime.

In the video, we are treated to the sight of six well-arranged plates of food that the family has to share; veggies, meats, rice and carbs. The father picks up first each time a new plate is rationed but as soon as he starts taking his share, the entire family descends on the plate like ravens (ravenously*).


yammi@sighyam commenting on the video: "Make me a member of this family and I’d be skinny by the end of the week. I just realised the greediest person with the most food isn’t actually the dad but the son oh wow what a pig."

crazy broke asian@tribranchvo commenting on the video: "The way the son scoops up everything while his mama barely got anything… jail."

Pu**y Facing The World 🌍@blixberrie commenting on the video: "The dad SEEMED the greediest but my man got the least amount of food 😭. The real villain is the son kmt."

Paramore stan account @itsjustfatimah commenting on the video: "The way they’re eating like they haven’t had a meal in weeks is crazy."

Jasmine Bager ياسمين باقر@JasmineBager: "They don’t even drink water in this eating contest."


.fr {real:0;}@bbrichardbb: "That’s just gross af."

BΞN_B ✦@RealBen_B: "The son pisses me if so badly OMFGGG."

MalibuMaya@malibumaya_: "Is it me or does it seem like every time the mom goes for a dish the dad & son take the plate and scoop everything off."


Bailey@Bailey86430630: "The son puts his lettuce on the table itself to free up his dish for scooping up the lot. He also takes double portions at a time. The dad may have picked up the dishes, but he got scraps, really as he was picking up when everything was coming to the end."


ditzycumcurmudgeon@djvickyv121: "THE SON HAS 2 PLATES OF FUCKING FOOD!!!! THIS JUST PISSED ME OFF SO BADDD."

SierraBo22@SierraBo22: "Why does everyone start at the same dish? Someone can start scooping from the meat, while someone is taking a portion from the rice. Why are they fighting each other for portions?"

mooncalf and peonies🌸🍃🍓@darklin1listen: "The thing is the parents raised a son who thinks he deserves the largest share of the whole meal, despite the fact that he probably didn't help in cooking it. Instead of teaching him how to share, they all try to scramble around his greediness. It makes me sad😞"

🌬 Air Goddess@UnapologeticGem: "My thing with the son is… you already had two yellow dough balls and you still snatched more from your dad and he ended up with crumbs!"

thicc n tired ✨@MikeBorses: "That would be a nightmare. There is not one aspect of this I comprehend… why ???? Why not divide up the portions equally? Why the fighting for every scrap of food. Why is no one speaking??? Why do they all seem so emotionless and miserable? so many questions."


There are certain universal rules that have been broken by this nice family judging by the universality of the commenters on this video. However, it is important to remember that families and people sometimes behave differently based on what they choose as good for them.

The family in the video might look like "savages" to you when in reality it is normal for them and they are quite a loving home. In any case, what happens on social media stays on social media.


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