How to best style Fik Fameica's beach carnival jean chain

Trying to revive an old fashion statement can be tricky. Like trying to revive the dead, anything can go wrong (at least in the movies). So when Fik Fameica wore a chain on his hip-hop spoof portrait print denim pants at the Zzina beach carnival and it looked good, it was a pleasant surprise. However, for ordinary folk this look can be tricky so we found the right way to bring back the jean chain.

How to best style a jean chain for any outfit/Courtesy

Fameica took the stage in a hip-hop get-up featuring Nike sneakers, spoof portrait print denim streetwear pants and a Lakers' cap. It was in this culture fashion statement that he delivered a hard-hitting performance of his song "Mafia".

"I have the biggest hiphop/trap Song in the history of UG music no cap!!! #MafiaRemix Loading……." Fameica captioned his performance.

Apart from his music career, the rapper is also a fashion lover and designer. So how can a modern fashion lover integrate this fashion old-school statement into trends?

We have seen the likes of B2C soldjas in combat-like outfits from fashion designer Kaijuka Abbas, and Alien Skin whose style involves much of this combat-like fashion featuring fanny packs, punk men's pants, and holsters.

The harness and holster fashion trend is popular and offers the best way to style a jean chain. In the same way that fanny packs have been repurposed as harness pockets, the jean chain can be styled in a harness manner.

The best part about styling a jean chain this way is there's room to get creative, customise the chain and harness and add custom detailing.

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