Azawi lights up the night with Sankofa album launch

Last night, Azawi fans who gathered at the Kampala Serena Hotel to experience her Sankofa show were undoubtedly impressed. The show was an embodiment of creativity, as Azawi, Guinness and Swangz Avenue came together to craft an unforgettable spectacle.

Azawi lights up the night with Sankofa album launch

The stage, lighting, and sound were masterfully curated by ATS, weaving together a visual and auditory masterpiece. Guinness's sponsorship, in this case, came as no surprise. Azawi not only serves as a Guinness influencer but also stands as the face of the brand's "Black Shines Brightest Campaign." This initiative was conceived to celebrate and collaborate with creatives who radiate brilliance in their respective domains.

Guinness Brand Manager, Elizabeth Mutamuliza, expressed her delight with the collaboration, emphasising their commitment to support creative talents, particularly women like Azawi.

She affirmed, "This is something we are passionate about as a brand, and we are more than eager to collaborate with creatives who shine brightly in their unique realms."

The night was intimate and cozy, commencing with a captivating performance by Zafaran, Swangz Avenue's latest talent.

Following Zafaran's enchanting performance, Azawi took the stage, starting with the electrifying "Champion," the lead track from her recently released "Sankofa" album. This song served as a fitting introduction, showcasing Azawi's true essence as an African champion and guiding the audience into the emotional journey that the "Sankofa" album offered.

Azawi continued to enthrall the crowd with hits like "Outside," "Lofit," "10 Over 10," "Omwenge," "Fwa Fwa," "Slow Dancing," "Quinamino," and "Repeat It." She effortlessly blended her older classics with her new songs, guiding the audience through a melodious odyssey that defined Azawi as an artist today.

"I wanted Sankofa to be different. Every song on this album is a story about my life experiences. I have been the most vulnerable to my fans on this album," Azawi shared.

One of the evening's standout moments was Azawi's unexpected collaboration with rapper Keko, taking the audience by surprise. The soulful Elijah Kitaka also serenaded the crowd, leaving a lasting impression.

The climax of the night arrived when Azawi invited Fik Fameica to join her on stage, and together, they performed their anthem "Majje," a song born from a collaborative effort between Azawi, Fik Fameica, and Guinness as part of the "Black Shines Brightest Campaign." At this point, there was no sitting down; the audience was on their feet, dancing, and singing along. The event concluded on a high note with Azawi's rendition of "Summer Bae," her collaboration with Konshens, leaving the audience still yearning for more.

Azawi's Sankofa show transcended a typical music concert; it was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and unyielding passion. The night undeniably left an indelible mark on the hearts of Azawi's fans, solidifying her status as a true star and Guinness's central role in celebrating the brilliance of artists who shine the brightest.

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