6 Things people think make eyelashes longer but don't

Getting long dreamy lushes is not as simple as these six commonly recommended methods suggest. In fact, they can be dangerous.

6 Things people think make long eyelashes but don't

Eyelashes protect and warn the eyes when objects come close. They also have an aesthetic side that those born with thick long ones enjoy.


They create a beautiful silhouette and enhance the eye and eyebrows.

Some people are affected by conditions that can impact the quality of their lashes. Eyelash hypotrichosis and alopecia are the major cause of thinning eyelashes.

To get longer or thick lashes, people either turn to cosmetics for artificial ones or use home remedies.


However, these remedies are not scientifically proven to boost lashes and in some cases might damage your eyes or sight.

Here are six remedies for longer lashes that are not proven to yield results

Applying a small portion of petroleum jelly to eyelashes before bed and washing it off in the morning at least three days a week.


Daily application of unsweetened and cool green tea using a cotton ball.

Applying a small amount of plain olive oil or olive oil mixed with lemon peel, before bed and washing it off in the morning.

Applying a small amount each day, before bed, and washing off in the morning.


Applying a small amount before bed and washing it off in the morning.

Massaging eyelids along the lash line with gentle motions.


The only safe and natural way to get longer eyelashes is to groom them properly. Proper maintenance will improve their health and strength allowing them to grow longer and thicker.

  1. Brush them regularly with an eyelash brush
  2. Wash your face with gentle soap
  3. Gently remove eye makeup at the end of the day

You should be careful with the substances and objects you introduce to your eyelashes. Unlike other hair locations, the eyelashes are closer to your eyes so anything you introduce might damage your eyes and sight.


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