6 natural hair care tips for all-weather healthy tresses - hairstylist

New year same old hair care routine or a new one?

6 natural hair care tips for all-weather healthy tresses

Like skin care regimens, the internet is flooded with hair care regimens to try out. With this kind of impersonal and often subjective information, it is hard to trace real issues and where they arise.


Best case scenario, one chances upon an expert or experienced practitioner who gives advice on what NOT to do.

According to a New York-based hairstylist Jennifer Rose , hair issues are simply symptoms of a bad routine rather than signs of poor hair.

With her experience in hair care, she uses her Twitter account to educate and inform black women about proper care practices. Especially those experiencing chronic hair problems.


"My answer to oils has always been no. It will stay no. Whatever you think oil is doing, it’s not doing it. It doesn’t moisturize. It doesn’t seal in moisture. It doesn’t strengthen. It doesn’t thicken. It doesn’t speed growth," she says in a tweet.

"Oil suffocates the scalp. It dehydrates the hair. It traps bacteria against the scalp and incubates it to provide yummy food for dandruff. It attracts dirt and lint. And when applied to an unwashed scalp, it stinks. Badly," she adds.

"Y’all back to making hair oils in your kitchen again, I see. So 2023, y’all will see more scalp issues with yeast overgrowth, contact dermatitis, and scalps that smell like earring backs and clear folks’ belly buttons. Not MY clients, though."


"It’s your regimen that is sh*t. ITS NOT YOUR HAIR."

"Seeing flakes on your scalp 3-4 days after you shampoo is NOT dry scalp. It’s a dirty one. It’s NORMAL skin cell buildup that you will hopefully shampoo away in a few days," she says.


"Dry scalp is a chronic condition usually caused by infrequent shampooing, heavy oil or cream based product usage, and overall neglectful haircare. Of course your scalp is dry. You don’t put no water on it. Don’t complain about dry hair if you shampoo twice a month. Your hair isn’t dry. Your haircare regimen is," she adds.

"You can’t “repair” split ends. You have to cut them off. Any product that says otherwise is lying."

What routine are you personally dropping this year.


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