Abitex to Pallaso: Come to Alien Skin's concert if you want to sing for a huge crowd

June 9th 2023, 12:13:39 pm

Abitex told Pallaso to find revelers at Alien Skins concert.

Alien Skin, Abitex and Pallaso

Abitex, real name Abbey Musinguzi, said if Pallaso wants to sing for a big crowd, the best choice for him is to ask for a performing slot at Skin's concert.

Both Pallaso and Skin are holding shows today, June 9. Pallaso's Love Fest Concert will be held at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala while that of Skin, dubbed Sitya Danger, will be at Freedom City Mall in Namasuba along Entebbe Road.

Alien Skin's concert was promoted by Abitex while that of Pallaso was promoted by Balaam Barugahara.

Abitex advised Pallaso: "By 4pm, our venue will be full. So, he should come and perform at our show first so that by the time he reaches at Lugogo Cricket Oval at 12am, he can sing a few people that will have come."

Pallaso in a video said he believes God will help him get the numbers for a successful show.


Additional reporting

Balaam Barugahara said fellow events promoter Abitex should look forward to another loss.

Barugahara in a media interview said disappointed in Abitex, real name Abbey Musinguzi, for influencing Alien Skin to hold a show.

Barugahara is behind Pallaso's Love Fest Concert, which is set for Friday, June 9 and Abitex is also organising a show for Alien Skin on the same date.

Abitex and Balaam Barugahara work together under the Uganda Promoters Federation, with the former as president and the latter as vice.

Barugahara said that instead of working together they are now fighting each other.

According to Barugahara, Abitex paid Alien Skin's manager Shs1.35 million for the concert.

"Sitya Danger is a good show and I wish them success. But don't think it's Alien Skin that planned it," said Barugahara.

"The president of the promoters federation, Abitex, is the one who organised it. He told me that he paid Alien Skin's manager Shs1.35 million."

Balaaam Barugahara said the move Abitex made is bad for business.

"One of us is going to lose," he said.

He reminded Abitex of his last event at Freedom City Mall where people lost lives on New Year's Eve during a stampede.

Balaam Barugahara said Abitex doesn't learn.

"He doesn't learn. He is our father in the music business, but he's failed to mature... Let's pray for him," said Barugahara.

Pallaso's concert will be at Lugogo Cricket Oval while that of Alien Skin will be at Freedom City.

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