World's longest straight road stretches

We all love a scenic road trip, winding through mountains or hugging a dramatic coastline. But for some drivers, the ultimate satisfaction comes from a perfectly straight shot. If you crave a driving experience where the horizon seems never-ending, then buckle up and get ready to cruise down some of the world's longest straight roads.

Highway 85, Saudi Arabia

1. Highway 85, Saudi Arabia - The Undisputed Champion (822 km/510 mi)


Taking the crown for the world's longest straight road is Highway 85 in Saudi Arabia. This mammoth highway stretches an incredible 822 kilometers (510 miles) through the desolate yet captivating Empty Quarter desert. Originally built as a private road for King Fahd, it now serves as a major transportation route connecting the northwestern city of Turaif to the western city of Najran. While the scenery might be repetitive, the sheer scale of this engineering feat is enough to impress any driver.

2. Highway 10, Saudi Arabia - Straightening Out at Second Place (255 km/158 mi)


Saudi Arabia seems to have a thing for straight roads! Coming in second place is Highway 10, another impressive stretch within the kingdom. Clocking in at 255 kilometers (158 miles), it cuts through the desert with laser-like precision, connecting Highway 75 to Highway 95. Fun fact: This road was once held the Guinness World Record for the longest straight section until Highway 85 was dethroned it.

3. Lagerenza-Estigarribia Road, Paraguay - South American Straightness (207 km/128 mi)

Leaving the deserts behind, we head to South America for the third contender - the Lagerenza-Estigarribia Road in Paraguay. This 207 kilometer (128-mile) stretch slices through the Chaco region, connecting the northern town of Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia with Mayor Pablo Lagerenza in the south. While not as long as the Saudi Arabian giants, it still offers a unique driving experience through the heart of Paraguay's Gran Chaco, the world's second-largest dry forest.

4. Outback Odyssey: The Eyre Highway, Australia (146.6 km/91.1 mi)


For those seeking a straight shot Down Under, look no further than the Eyre Highway in Australia. This 1,675-kilometer (1,041-mile) highway traverses the vast Nullarbor Plain, with a particularly impressive straight section stretching for 146.6 kilometers (91.1 miles). Be prepared for long stretches of emptiness, punctuated by the occasional roadhouse, making this a true outback adventure.

5. Mexico 1 - Carretera Federal 1: A Straight Shot Through Baja (169 km/105 mi)

Heading back to North America, we find Mexico 1, also known as the Carretera Transpeninsular. This highway runs the length of the Baja California Peninsula, offering stunning coastal scenery for much of its route. However, car enthusiasts will be most interested in the 169-kilometer (105-mile) straight section located within the state of Baja California Sur. Buckle up and enjoy the uninterrupted views of the desert landscape.

These are just a few of the world's many impressive straight roads. While some might find them monotonous, for others, the chance to put the pedal to the metal and experience a seemingly endless straightaway is an unparalleled driving experience. So, the next time you're planning a road trip, consider seeking out one of these record-breaking stretches of asphalt. Just remember, even the straightest roads can get tiring after a while, so be sure to factor in rest stops and enjoy the journey!


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