How to create quality time with your partner during busy times

When you find yourself needing more time with your boo, try these tips.


It is challenging to keep up with busy schedules and maintain a thriving relationship.


We need to be creative to get quality time with partners. This means getting that quality time without sacrificing any other activities.

In some cases, it means sacrifice but that depends on personal priorities.

Let's look at some of the ways couples can beat a busy schedule.


You may not have power over the busy schedule but you have control over putting quality time in your routines. Sometimes we simply go along with the push and pull of busy times and expect our partners to understand.

You can tailor your schedule to align your interests, hobbies, and personal habits. For example, you can cook together or work out together.

Don't wait for the perfect time to date! Have spontaneous dates, messy dates, and surprise dates too.


Grocery shopping or running errands, work dates if you can, video call dates, and dropping off some food or gifts to your partner. Get through interruptions like a champ and get your quality time.

Quality time doesn't have to be pristine all the time. But as long as you both put in the effort it will add up.

Ultimately what makes quality time quality is your presence, attention, and contribution. Figure out what is not a priority at given times and push it for your relationship.

Don't expect your partner to understand every time. Sometimes it can be a choice to be too busy for your relationship. And sometimes you have to push back against the busy schedule for yourself and your partner.


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