Inside 200-year-old Blair House where Biden invited Ruto to spend the night [Photos]

The house used belong to former journalist Francis Preston Blair.

President William Ruto & First Lady Rachel Ruto at Blair House in Washington D.C.

President William Ruto is on a state visit to the United States, marking a pivotal moment in Kenya-US relations.


During his stay in Washington, President Ruto will be hosted at the illustrious Blair House.

Known as the U.S. President’s Guest House, Blair House serves as the official accommodation for visiting dignitaries.


Blair House is located across the White House in Washington, D.C.

Established in 1824, it originally served as the home of journalist and editor Francis Preston Blair.

The US government acquired Blair House in 1942 to serve as an official guest residence for visiting dignitaries and heads of state.

One of the most prominent visitors was Winston Churchill, who stayed at Blair House during World War II.


In addition to Churchill, other notable figures who have stayed at Blair House include Queen Elizabeth II, French President Charles de Gaulle, and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Each visit to Blair House symbolizes the importance the United States places on its relationships with other nations.


The accommodations at Blair House include over 120 rooms, spread across four interconnected townhouses, ensuring ample space and privacy for guests.

Each room is meticulously furnished, combining antique décor with modern amenities to offer a comfortable and elegant environment.

The house features multiple dining rooms, conference rooms, and sitting rooms, as well as private suites for guests, each decorated with period pieces and artworks that reflect the rich history of the residence.

One of the distinctive aspects of Blair House is its attention to detail and personalized service.


The staff ensures that every guest's needs are met, from bespoke dining experiences to tailored schedules that accommodate their diplomatic engagements.

The house also boasts beautiful gardens and courtyards, providing serene outdoor spaces for relaxation and informal discussions.

A U.S. President-elect lives in Blair House during the transition period before they settle into the White House.

In 1950, Blair House was the site of an attempted assassination of President Harry S. Truman, who was living there while the White House was undergoing renovations.


Two Puerto Rican nationalists tried to storm the house, but they were stopped by the Secret Service.

The residence underwent a significant restoration in the late 1980s to preserve its historic character while updating its facilities to meet modern standards.

Blair House features 14 guestrooms, each equipped with a full bathroom, along with three formal dining rooms, two spacious conference rooms, hot and cold kitchens managed by an executive chef and sous chef, a fully equipped beauty salon, an exercise room, and an in-house laundry facility.

Before becoming the U.S. president's official guest house, guests of the president typically spent one night in the White House before moving to a hotel or embassy for the rest of their visit.


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