Photos: These famous pictures from millennial childhoods don't make sense today

Photos say a thousand words but somehow you might have missed all of them. At the time when these photos were famous many millennials were not in the state of mind to question them. The tides of time and reality check of adulting, however, are clearing some blindspots in these photos.

Millennial childhoods don't make sense today/Courtesy

Have you ever seen or read something that made you do a double-take? Like this article about Footballer Achraf Hakimi's wife who's leaving the marriage without a cent of Hakimi's fortune. Or a heart-stopping dinner date cheque that cuts down your heart lifespan.

Speaking of heart-stopping cheques, this picture from the movie Home Alone is one of the most relatable memes.

"The older I get, the more I wonder what Kevin's dad did for a living to afford this house and a vacation to Paris for nine people."

However, in the movie, the dad's brother gave them the trip as a gift for the trouble of bringing his children to Paris because they had stayed in America to finish a school semester.

But even without the trip, you can't help but be hit with the budget of the lifestyle of this family.

Kommander Karl@kommanderkarl: "It was 1990 bro, shit was still somewhat affordable lol."

Morpheus@MorpheusCentral: "The amount of food, phone bills, clothes, college payments... 😫😫"

Andreas W@Wassgahlen: "His son was in a movie called Home Alone."

✨🏊🏼‍♀️🌆✨@sCUMazom: "onlyfans."

Native719 ⬆️🇺🇸✈️ 🧢@native719: "It was the 90s. He probably just worked."

UltraXBT 𓃓@UltraXBT: "Back in the day u could do this as a doctor or lawyer."

However, a small detail you might have missed about this epic family movie is this:

✨🔥ӏυnaaCardιnal🔥✨@Lunaacardinal: "He had his own business, He was the CEO of some alarm system for people's home and we see it in Home alone 4 and Buzz explains it lol. The alarm system is called McAllister."

There are many perspectives on the story of Noah's Ark for millennials today. But the fact that the children's book artists missed this terrible mistake is unforgivable! Say what you will about the story but if it doesn't stem from this artistic error, you can start here.

Actually, this picture makes sense today given the wave of the gender topic that is rocking cultures across the world. Hopefully, the artists don't have a case on their person for misrepresentation.

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