Video of guy wearing a giant camera is making us nostalgic!

Do you remember the days of the community cameraman? You probably thought the phone had kicked him out of business. Well, think again because the internet cannot get over his comeback.

Courtesy: AlphonseOsaka

A man is seen walking down a street in Osaka, Japan taking pictures of people in the most innovative way you have ever seen.


The Twitter user identified as @Cameraaman created a costume of himself as a camera and has many people and netizens fawning over his creativity.

The camera is a giant Canon complete with the lens and other camera parts but on the back has a screen where the pictures are displayed.

After taking the pictures, he turns around for people to take phone camera pictures of their photos.


His work is mainly centred around Halloween as a costume taking street pictures of other costumes and people in general.

Here are some comments from netizens:

DudeBro@soydudebro said, "This dude needs to patent this costume."

SassyGalBeauty@Sassygalshops said, "Ok. This is so cool. I wish Evan and Katelyn (from YouTube) would see this and try to top it. Lol."

KEL@BFlowerboi said, "Japan is truly wonderful. This a wonderful costume. Must've taken months to make that."


"I’d love to follow around Kanye West in that costume," said thedoc🩺@thedoc7er.

James Benedict@TechnoWizard298 said, "This is oddly wholesome."

One user even said that the costume is the greatest ever made.

Ronstoppable@lvl99ron said, "This is the greatest costume ever. This dude needs to go to every cosplay convention."

And we have to applaud his genius innovation and wordplay as the cameraman.


Watch the video below:


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