7 awesome African video games you can play with relatable storylines

African video gaming has caught up with the wealth of African stories having grown in popularity over the years. They are embedded with African history, terrain and history in ways that are educational and offer "real-life" experiences as close as we may ever get.

Young man in front of gaming console/Courtesy/Ameyaw Debrah Media

Now, if you have played a zombie apocalypse video game or Mortal Kombat, there's not much that is relatable in these storylines. But kicking ass and imagining your survival in deadly situations is just so satisfying.


Who cares about relatable storylines? Gaming is about escape, having fun, and rising in the ranks faster than climbing the corporate ladder and having as many lives, chances and reincarnations as possible.

And yet, there's something warm and familiar about playing the character of a woke Gen Z or millennial, the one trying to convince his friend to date his sister, the one making jewellery to survive, the one who unites the African states, the one who takes part in creating the mystery of the Pyramids, and the one who saves his friends.


Of course, all are made very appealing with the usual gaming experience, great combat, survival gear, structure, perks, and a chance to "realise" your dreams.

These seven awesome African video games have relatable storylines that you can play

Mzito is gifted to awaken the Sleeping Lions (referring to Africans). He travels everywhere in Africa and uses his skills to call for the reawakening of the continent. There are two Mzitos in this 2D mobile platform epic adventure to save the African continent.

It is a Weza Interactive Entertainment game available on the Google Play store.


This 2D action single-player game has a strong African culture theme and combat control. The story follows Enzo Kori-Odan visiting six continents trying to form an alliance to defeat his brother-in-law.

As the story develops you are able to unlock greater abilities and power on the journey to vanquish your brother-in-law. There's also a backup called Aurion, an ancient energy for battle.


In the Age of Empires, you can choose any civilisation including Africa and build a powerful nation from it. The settings are medieval, colonial, and mythological time periods on different continents.

You have four war campaigns at your disposal throughout the African continent to defeat your enemies. You can use the Berbers for Northern Africans, Malians for Western Africa or Ethiopians to rule over the Red Sea in this 10-game series.

Survive monsters and get items and materials to make craft items to continue surviving. It is a single-player Role-Playing Game (RPG) survival game. You are surrounded by deserts and your mission is to stay hydrated and not fall prey to lions. It is free on Steam for players with a minimum computer with a 64-bit processor and Windows 10 OS.


You are set in the centre of Africa and you have to defend your land and survive attacks from other natives on the game map. This survival adventure is filled with building, crafting, and wildlife, gathering resources and food and crafting weapons. Just stay hydrated, full and steady on your feet.

You are involved in the early days of the Egyptian kingdom participating in building the city, shaping the streets, and strategic placement of buildings for aesthetic appeal. You also witness the death of Cleopatra VII and the birth of Old Egypt in the Valley of the Nile in Egypt.

The game is set up like Temple Run in an African forest. It starts with three friends who dare to move through an evil forest and forbidden space. The gods of the forest trap them and your mission is to set them free and return safely to the city. (All without your mothers finding out).


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