5 haunted hotels around the world still in business

While these hotels are haunted, it hasn't stopped guests from spending time there.

Would you spend a night in one of these haunted hotels? [Tripsavvy]

When people think about hotels, their first thought is usually a comfortable or luxurious place where they can spend the night or a few nights.

There are some hotels around the world that meet this criteria but also come with a twist - something spooky. These are hotels around the world that are haunted. Seems unbelievable right?

But there are truly haunted hotels around the world that are still in business and people pay good money to spend some time in them.

Here are five haunted hotels around the world:

Located in Hot Springs, Virginia, The Omni Homestead is a grand spa resort that offers luxury in every sense of the word. But then, it is said that the ghost of a jilted bride is usually seen on the 14th floor.

This ghost is said to be that of a bride who was supposed to get married in the resort. Unfortunately, her husband-to-be developed cold feet and she committed suicide out of shame.

Since then, guests and even some staff claim they usually see her apparition, the outline resembling a woman in a wedding gown in some places in this hotel.

Hotel Sorrento is a grand hotel located in Seattle that boasts of great architectural designs and good food. Room 408 is however said to be haunted by a ghost named Alice B. Toklas who usually stayed there before she died.

The hotel actually takes out time to celebrate this ghost during Halloween.

Ever wondered if there are celebrity ghosts lurking around? Well, The Hollywood Roosevelt located in Los Angeles has quite a few of them. This hotel is usually frequented by mega stars and it is said that there have been sightings of Marilyn Monroe’s spirit in one room’s mirror.

Some guests also say they have heard Montgomery Clift’s voice echoing in his old suite.

Apart from celebrity ghosts, there are also royal ghosts and that is what you will find at the Ruthin Castle Hotel and Spa located in Wales. This hotel catered to royal guests back in the day. One such guest was Lady Jane Grey, King Henry VII’s great-granddaughter who is also called the “Nine Days’ Queen” of England.

She is said to have been executed for high treason in London back in 1554 but her ghost have been seen in the banquet hall and castle battlements of the Ruthin Hotel.

Located in San Francisco, the haunted stories about this hotel actually come as no surprise given its history. It is said that years ago, specifically from 1924 to 1976, the building was a medical centre with a hospital, psychiatric ward, morgue, and crematorium.

But this changed in 1984 when it was converted to the Emily Morgan Hotel. Since then, there have been eerie things happening including people hearing hospital carts being wheeled, doors opening and closing on their own, pillows flying and even the unexplained smell of antiseptic in the halls.

While these hotels and many more are haunted, it hasn't stopped guests from spending time there and some even go with the hope of sighting one of these ghosts. Will you love to stay in a haunted hotel?

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