8 habits of seriously stylish people you need to know

Do you want to learn how to look more stylish in your clothes and any clothes you wear? Here are eight habits of seriously stylish people which can help you style clothes and look stylish in them like the most stylish people you know or see in magazines.

8 habits of seriously stylish people you need to know/Pexels

Anyone remotely interested in fashion and striving to dress in a fun and effortless way knows it takes work. But with these habits picked from stylish people, you have your work cut out for you!

Although looking stylish may come naturally to a lucky few, it usually takes a few helpful tricks and tips to pull outfits seamlessly together.

We all know stylish people look uniquely themselves and create looks that look put together because they follow a few basic rules.

So if you are wondering how they all pull it off, it’s actually much easier than you think.

Here’s how to style your clothes effortlessly.

Stylish people understand fashion, which also requires taking their footwear into account. They always seem to do their best to keep their best footwear in mint condition, even for their discounted shoes. They also know that clean shoes will always elevate any look they are going for, thus keeping them stylish.

They practise shoe care such as:

  1. Using sneaker cleaner (or gentle laundry detergent mixed with warm water) to the dirty parts.
  2. Keeping the soles clean using a baking soda paste.
  3. Mixing a solution that’s one part white vinegar and two parts water. Using a cloth, dab the solution onto the stain.
  4. Pretreating any stains with a stain remover.
  5. Air-drying the shoes.
  6. Proper shoe storage.

Insanely stylish people always have something that distinguishes them and it doesn’t always have to be drastic. It can be ensuring their eyebrows are nicely shaped, wearing bright and unique coloured lipstick with patterned clothes, or just having their nails match their shoes.

Whatever statement you are trying to make, make sure it’s yours and always delivered.

Even if you don’t like wearing many bright colours, adding a touch of colour to your outfit can give it a 'face lift'. Stylish women know this because they know added colour is eye-grabbing and covet-worthy.

They know to size up instead of size down their clothes. Many people are stuck on wearing a certain size, but going for bigger sizes can often change a garment’s appearance. Sizing up is also good when buying clothes in case you need to tailor.

Stylish people either always have an outfit in mind or pre-plan their outfits for any occasion. Whether it is full-on outfits set out months before, having a pair of shoes that match all of their outfits (so they have many options), or having the right accessories to change up the same outfit on the same day.

Planning for an event long before it happens will help you maintain an effortless style if you want to stand out and be a show-stopper.

It may not be that they have a sixth sense, but rather that they are flexible while staying in their style. This means not settling for a different style simply because something unpredictable comes up. They will always be prepared for anything that may happen and have a backup outfit as a ‘just in case emergency go-to.

This means they are bold, too.

Your style will naturally come to you through time and maturity, but if you would like a unique style that almost always requires motivation, study, trials, pushing your fashion boundaries and refinement to perfect it.

Stylish people are not afraid of any store and can find anything virtually anywhere. They have a sense of intuition when searching and hunting for their next fashion find. That means no store is off limits, and they don't look down on any place when it comes to finding their next stylish item.

There you have it; the world's stylish people create their unique style by being extremely creative and always staying prepared. But remember that style can also be learned. You can be just as confident, and bold and communicate with others about your style in simple ways.

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