Criticism of Instagram soft life as an influencer succumbs to drug accident

The influencer only identified as Brenda (Brendalicious) was involved in a fatal drug trafficking accident. It is said that she was smuggling a bag of drugs (cocaine) in her stomach when it burst. She then overdosed and died. Netizens have shared their concerns following the incident and some have no kind words in the face of the tragedy.

Kenyan Influencer Brendalicious dies from an accidental drug overdose/Courtesy

The deceased was a Law graduate going by her Instagram bio and a strong believer in the good life "One thing about me, I will live my best life". Her mantra was something she lived by in her posts but it is now subject to public scrutiny under the circumstances of her death.


It is said that she had a Nigerian boyfriend who was responsible for making her a drug mule, and some people have criticised "Nigerian" men for this. It is alleged that they use emotional manipulation in the form of love bombing to trap and use women for their benefit, especially in dangerous situations.


✨👑 DaddyMO👑✨🏁@therealdaddymo1 cautioned people against buying into social media appearances when back stories can be deceiving at best and dangerous.

"May her soul rest in peace. It’s another reminder of not envying other people when you see them or what they are doing to get money.. 👀☹️ Don’t envy what you don’t understand. Many people have lifestyles that are funded on crime and fraud and other questionable sources and it’s important not to make them your standard. Face your front and your own journey."

Aristide Mabatto@aristidemabatto: "Law graduate breaking the law. Fantastic."

Beggar-In-Chief™@sbongile_dim: "An influencer got influenced to be a mule, an entire Law graduate? This reads like a badly scripted soapie script."


Chloe💖@WinnieChloe2: "Lately the soft and best life activists are getting exposed on a daily eehhh may her soul rip 🙏"

vusimuzi nyathi@eyevusi: "These doctors and law graduates love criminals neh🤔🤔"

Kemo 🇿🇦@missdalyricist: "You did live your best life, shortcuts vs shortlived life."

Hip Hop@C_liveDj: "How do you rest in peace after dying like this? 🙄"

Luzuko Mpohla@AdvocateMpohla: "With all the celebration of freedom of expression, information etc one wonders if platforms like Instagram have not done more harm than good in Africa. The number of girls (and guys) risking their lives not to survive but to flex is crazy. The same women then inspire others."


melusi mlotshwa@MelusiMlotshwa: "Looks like there is always a story behind those bling social media pictures."


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