Tips on how to handle cravings when trying to lose weight

Unhealthy cravings and emotional eating are not necessarily obstacles but parts of the process.

Tips to handle cravings and binge eating when trying to lose weight

Creating a healthy or at least supportive relationship with food on your journey to weight loss is paramount.


But it can come with feelings of shame, guilt, and eventually giving up. Because why put yourself through the pain of NOT eating what you want when simply eating it is good?

Because you want to lose weight shouldn't mean your eating habits are going to magically transform. They are part of the process.

Ultimately, it can lead to over-exertion of physical activity or workouts in order to compensate for the food being consumed. According to this Dietary Researcher, diet watch is more important than exercise in weight loss.


Identify what triggers the urge to over eat or the cravings

Does it arise when you are sad, stressed, happy, alone, or starve yourself?

Emotional and mental wellness should also receive attention because they are the biggest stumbling blocks.

Once you identify the cause, you can follow these tips to bring the triggers and your reaction under control.

  • Find a different coping mechanism

Instead of reaching for the food app or food in the fridge, find a support system. Reach out and talk with a good friend.

They don't have to know you are struggling with something, unless you feel comfortable telling them.

Meditation and yoga can help you get control of your thoughts or feelings.

  • Take small walks

Move around the neighbourhood when you feel the cravings or habit kick in. Especially after dinner or supper when you want to reach for something 'extra'.


Make the walk fun too, walk like you are young again (kicking things around) and just enjoy yourself.

Don't look at it as escaping. It will give you better sleep and also supports weight loss.

  • Find alternative snacks 

Swap out calorie-heavy snacks for the ones that contain few calories. These include fruits or veggie sticks. Get creative with your snacks.

It will make you feel in-charge and give you more control. Make sure they satisfy your sweet tooth without interfering in your calorie intake.

  • Listen to your body

Pay close attention to when you start feeling hungry. Sometimes the body wants more than something sweet but since we are used to getting that, we automatically do.

Depending on how your body feels, get appropriate food. If you feel fatigue, go for proteins instead of carbohydrates, go for fruits rather than pastries.

Avoid starving yourself or going for long without eating, it only makes the cravings and binge eating worse.

  • Motivate yourself

Find your own motivation to always look at when you start to slow down.


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