8 health benefits of dancing you're missing out on

Dancing has full-body health benefits that are rare to find in many common exercises and physical activities.

8 Health benefits of dancing you're missing out on

Tap. Tap. Tap. That's the sound of raindrops on the roof as it starts to pour or the sound of feet tap dancing. Not long after, the tapping creates a concerted sound that brings some people to sleep or a quiet moment indoors for others in the case of rain.


Tap and all other types of dancing, whether in the rain, studio, or at home, have similar effects on sleep quality and mental wellness among other benefits.

Dancing is fun and enjoyable, but if that's not enough to convince you to pull out some moves, here are eight great reasons to keep dancing or take it up.


Your brain will thank you for engaging in the activity. Dancing involves memorising movement, and coordination which keeps the brain active. This has a positive impact on planning skills, organisation skills, and memory.

Research from the New England Journal of Medicine found that dancing protects memory from conditions that afflict it. This study found that dance reverses the effect of aging on the hippocampus which is part of the brain that controls memory.

Dance is usually combined with music which is a great mood booster. According to the Journal of Applied Gerontology, partner dancing accompanied by music can increase serotonin levels for elevated mood.

Another study looking at the effects of dance on patients with depression found that upbeat group dance resulted in the least number of symptoms of depression with elevated energy.


Dance can improve physical performance and boost energy levels. Research from The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition found that dancing each week increases the physical capacity to handle daily tasks.

Dance is a great way to have fun while keeping your weight in check. It has a more positive approach to weight loss and management and is aesthetically more pleasing than other workouts targeting weight. This study found that dance training can shed as much weight as jogging or biking.


Dance can help your heart become stronger and healthier. Apart from improving cardiovascular health, it improves breathing. This study found that patients with heart failure had better health and life quality when they started dancing compared to those who ran or cycled.

Dance requires a lot of movement and good posture which improves coordination, flexibility, and balance. You have better control of your body because dance works all the muscles of your body at once not just some.

It cures stiffness and can improve joint pain and body soreness from other forms of exercise.


Dance is a group activity in most cases making it a hot spot for social interaction and bonding. It can provide a sense of camaraderie and offer relationships of all kinds which are great building blocks for mental and emotional health.

Dance boost abilities and capacities that are essential to feeling good about oneself. Better control over your body gives you a better gait, dance allows you to see your body in a positive light, and gives you energy boosts making you feel unstoppable.

Having moves that you can pull off at any time also boosts your social CV.


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