6 weird things society accepts as normal

There are some things society accepts that we don't question but may be seen as strange if you look closely. Here are six of them.

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Society is a delicate ecosystem that you cannot untangle easily on the outside. Even if something doesn't make sense it can be hard to see how it can be different when it has always been that way or seen that way.


The best thing one can do is point out the double standards, strangeness, and even hypocrisy, and maybe do things differently individually.

If you have ever been perplexed by some things in your society or community, you are not alone and definitely not the first. Here are some things that happen and are accepted without much fuss.


The fact that someone thinks or believes that a certain race has whatever they are looking for is strange. It is even stranger to reject someone based on only race.

"How can you turn somebody down, but all you know is their race? You know nothing else. Not even what they look like. Then sit there and claim it has nothing to do with race?" said DISSney@DISSneyFeuds.

When people lose a loved one, it is accepted and even expected of them to host people who converge to mourn with them when it makes more sense in the reverse. On top of mourning, they have to run around taking care of food and drinks for the ones who have not experienced the loss.


One of the popular relationship intimacy criteria is farting around a partner. The claim is that it shows that you are comfortable with each other and somehow it is also considered cute. However, in any other context, even for accidental downwind, it is frowned upon.

Despite there being fundamentals of ideologies, new versions of some of those ideologies are permitted. Not only that but opposing and equally poor ideologies are also given leeway. Despite the fact that they may ruin the social purpose of those that came before them.

An example is toxic feminism and toxic masculinity.


It seems society is in perpetual pursuit of something but using the same methods that have "failed" for so long. Thus proving the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

"9-5s/ 8-5s. Capitalism. The current life routine which is, birth, school, work, retirement then death. The whole money system, idk I feel we should all equally benefit from the resources of the world. Tragic things happening/ parts of the world being in turmoil & the rest just moving on," said Muthoni's daughter@Muthoni_____

The age-old conflict of dividing relationships needs into two. Individuals have a variety of needs that are unique to them while the basic principles of social culture apply to everyone. However, when it comes to relationships, society permits the allocation of who gets what when in reality both people need it.

"They say men need respect and peace to stay in a relationship... Respect goes both ways and under normal circumstances, it should be earned but not demanded. Women love peace too. We're both humans and things better go equal," said Kumbu Queen@kumbu_queen.


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