10 PG-Rated reasons Ugandan men love 'nyash'

Science has many explanations for men's fascination with big bundas but the bottomline can be so simple.

Saartjie “Sarah Baartman

One study found that evolution has given women a spine curvature of 45 degrees for safety and mobility during pregnancy. They go further to assert that this finding explains why men are so infatuated with big-sized round bottoms in "potential" partners.


The reason: without this curvature, the woman would become immobile and risk significant injury during to pregnancy under an increased pressure of 800 per cent. This, according to Dr. David Lewis, lead researcher on the study, would make a woman less likely to give a man offsprings to pass on his DNA.

That this biological and evolutionary aspect is why ancient men were attracted to women with big butts.

“Men may be directing their attention to the backside and obtaining information about women’s spines, even if they are unaware that that is what their minds are doing,” Lewis said.


Another study in 2014 found that women with larger waist-to-hip ratio are highly fertile because they possess high levels of hormone needed to get pregnant. Elsewhere, a study found large-bottomed women to be more intelligent and give birth to intelligent children.

These findings bring forward a question, are personal preferences a personal choice or nature's way of ensuring the survival of mankind?

Nonetheless, we explore some of the other reasons men are captivated by big-bottomed girls.

Peer influence is underrated among adults because it is generally assumed that everyone is old enough to make their choice. However, it is a factor in the perception that men love big nyash. Especially on social media. If one number of men praise big butts, including celebrities and the average man, others will show support or want to associate with that.


Anything that is out of the ordinary, be it a person or nature or man-made, naturally makes people intrigued. With intrigue comes all sorts of tales and fascination.

It is no secret that big bottoms have an enticing appearance. From bouncing, to being dressed in fine clothes, a big bottom easily catches the eye. Nothing else on the female body captures supple and juicy in such a pronounced way as the backside.


Among the Baganda, the traditional wear for females known as "gomesi" is said to bathe a woman's features in grace. The typically large wear fits more gracefully on a big bodied woman without her physical features being covered up so much. Pictures and photography of big-bottomed girls in traditional wear are also worshiped by netizens.

Big nyash is taken as sign of health and life.

Having a big-bottomed partner is a status symbol among Ugandan men when it comes to dating or relationships. However, this is not restricted to big nyash only. Striking features of female beauty earn men their fello men's respect and envy.


Big nyash, among some people, is seen as a challenge and "handling" it can show a man's aabilities. Musicians and performers on stage are usually seen lifting big-bottomed performers or fans. Some have managed to do so, others have been defeated.

Females also put high value on big butts which elevates them in the eyes of the men. On social media, females who consider themselves less endowed usually post memes or comments telling men or those in their inboxes that they should not expect nyash.


Many songs have been made as tribute to the big-bottom. Most of the songs talking about women, either locally or internationally, are connected to this physical feature fuelling obsession with it.

Big butts also present many possibilities for men and make them more open-minded. Things like resting their drinks on it, cushioning, grabbing, among others.


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