Nsereko talks quitting music: 'My mom grabbed me from stage'

June 9th 2023, 9:29:17 am

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko has confirmed reports that he, as a teenage boy pursued a short-lived career in music.

Muhammad Nsereko says he started singing with Bobi Wine

The 42 year old told reporters that he indeed started out singing with some of the greats including Bobi Wine, Master Parrot, Menton Summer, Shanks Vivie D, Emperor Orlando, Mad Tiger among others.

These were mostly performing karaoke at Pub Texas which was located in downtown Kampala, and other night clubs around 1996.

This was first revealed by Bobi Wine in an interview with BBS Television this week.

Now a leading opposition leader, Bobi Wine described Nsereko back then as a “such a great performer” who used to go by the stage name “Menton Prince.”

Speaking from the funeral of fallen comedian Kato Lubwama on Thursday, Nsereko said Bobi Wine’s account was true.


It is true, we were singing with him; back then he was partnering with Master Parrot and they had this song called Namuleme,” recounted the MP, before sampling a few lines from the little-known song.

On why he left the music scene, Nsereko said his parents didn’t support it.

My mother once grabbed me from the stage,” recalled Nsereko. “She found me singing and she was furious. She said, ‘I didn't take my child to school to become a musician.

Looking back, Nsereko says most of the people he sang with were all underdogs but turned out to be great talents, and that for him, it was not meant to be.

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