Uganda government launches irrigation scheme

The Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries, Mr. Frank Tumwebaze, is today launching what the government has described as one of the biggest irrigation schemes in the country - the Acomai Irrigation Scheme, and it will directly benefit the districts of Bulambuli and Bukedea.


In what some observers would call pork barrel politics, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, who comes from Bukedea and is its Woman Member of Parliament, played a signal role in pushing for the immediate start of the construction of the 1000-hectare project which will surely reap rewards for the whole country too.

Hon. Among said that today’s launch of the massive irrigation scheme would help tame floods that continuously affect the lives and livelihoods of the people of Bulambuli and Bukedea.

This irrigation project, which is in line with Uganda’s National Irrigation Policy which aims to create 1.5 million hectares of irrigated land by the year 2040, will be constructed by Dott Services Limited, who have just completed the construction of the multi-billion Doho II project that has transformed the lives of people in Butaleja district.

This latest irrigation scheme comes with the associated benefits of roads and boreholes which serve as perfect conduits to socio-economic transformation.

Irrigation plays a big role in Agriculture, which dominates the Ugandan economy. Through irrigation, production is improved although this improvement depends on the nature of the farm (closeness to water source, terrain of the land, soil suitability, acreage to be irrigated, etc) and the varying prices of irrigation equipment.

If this project rises to the heights of its growth potential, then it will be a big winner for the people of two districts it directly benefits.

The project sh71b Acomai Irrigation Scheme is financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) towards the cost of the Agriculture Value Chain Development Project (AVCDP).

It is intended that part of the agreed amount of the loan will be applied to payment under the Contract for Consultancy Services for Supervision of Construction of Acomai Irrigation Scheme Infrastructure and facilities in Bukedea and Bulambuli Districts.

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