5 things to avoid the first time at his place

When visiting your boyfriend for the first time, here are some things to remember.


Visiting your boyfriend's place for the first time is one of the first impressions in relationships. You're getting access to this side of him and there are some things you can consider leaving outside the door.

Now, you may think that character is like a pregnancy, you cannot hide it for long. Whatever you avoid doing will eventually make an appearance down the road. That may be true, but making a good impression is just as good for you as for him.

Here's what not to do on that first visit

Even if you disapprove of his paint colour, furniture placement, or the location of his house, keep the judgement to yourself. Don't start giving him advice on how his house can be better or what a terrible neighbourhood he lives in.

Speaking of furniture placement, leave everything the way you find it. Remember, he has lived this way for a while and home is all about comfort and stability. It can be undermining and irritating to "disorganise" anyone's house when you have been there once and think you know better than how they feel.

Sometimes we create the circumstances of our misery. While he might have something prepared, don't go starving. You might feel and look terrible from not eating, not to mention how you will be so focused on eating that you forget courtesy.

Don't sleep at his place the first time you visit. Keep it romantic but also respectful. If you didn't make plans to sleep over, go back home. If you don't feel ready to sleep over, respectfully decline if he asks you to.

Statements like "so this is where you bring all your girls", "so how many girls have brought here" and "how much do pay here?" Avoid these conversation starters. They may seem like teasing but are really not classy or even good.

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