5 best simple lunch ideas to surprise him at work

A thoughtful but simple lunch surprise can brighten his day but most importantly, it can do wonders for his diet and health through busy schedules. The best simple lunch ideas are quick to make and highly nutritious, but the choice is yours to doubly surprise him with an extraordinary combination of foods,

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It is not always easy to get a nutritious and filling lunch on a busy work schedule. In this state, eating healthy takes planning and effort, which can be the last thing on his mind during taxing schedules.

This is why he may often rely on fast food, highly processed snacks or takeaway meals. While these are convenient, they aren't very nutritious and aren't wallet-friendly.

In the midst of a busy day or even a relaxed day at work, it can be a heart-warming treat to send him a simple nutritious lunch from these best simple lunch ideas we have gathered for you.

Whether you are ordering or preparing lunch at home, start with the basics of nutrition needs in mind.

Men have varying dietary needs and some may follow specific diets for health reasons but a nutritious, balanced meal typically contains protein sources, fibre and fat.

So once you have each source of these nutrients, you can easily make as many simple lunch dishes for him as possible throughout the work week.

Protein is the most filling macronutrient for energy and power in between meals, so you want to add more sources of it to the lunch. They include chicken, fish, turkey, lentils, tofu, and eggs.

Vegetables and fruits are your best source of fibre. They are excellent for gut health and managing weight. They also lower the risk of health conditions like heart disease, constipation and colon cancer. Whole grains and beans are also great sources of fibre.

You can get healthy fats from olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocado, full-fat Greek yoghurt, and goat cheese.

Looking out for nutrient-dense foods can help him meet his nutrition needs for minerals, vitamins, and other essential compounds which are missing in many modern diets.

When planning healthy simple lunch dishes, consider the nutrients you can combine to make a complete and nice meal.

When planning a healthy lunch, consider the different macronutrients and how you can combine them to form a complete meal. Basically, you can alternate the foods to make a variety of dishes but each is as nutritious as the last.

So if you're making or ordering a convenient, work-friendly, and delicious lunch you have a few great options to work with. Here are our best options.

Sometimes it is hard to maintain healthy eating at work and simple lunch ideas can make a big difference in our health. Apart from his favourite dish and big days, try these simple lunch ideas recipes.

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