Who you are according to the shape of your feet

Your foot shape says a lot about you in your daily life.

Who you are according to the shape of your feet

People have been reading faces, palms, and constellations since ancient times, to reveal exciting things about personality.

But did you know that the shape of your feet can be used to reveal what lies in your personality?

The shape, position, and size of your feet can say a lot of things about you.

Take a look below.

You have a square foot when all your toes have almost the same length making your foot appear rectangular. This is also known as the Peasant foot.

People with the Peasant foot are considered to be cautious, reasonable, and practical. They pour over details before arriving at a decision or action. They are also reliable and tend to have a calm demeanor.

This is also known as the Flame foot. People with a second toe longer than the first toe have the Greek foot. They have a go-getter personality. They are enthusiastic about things and have infectious motivation. For this reason, they tend to be considered leaders.

They are creative and welcome challenges as well as adventure. On the downside, they may be impulsive and domineering when things don't go their way. Public speakers, artists, and athletes tend to have the Flame foot.

This is the most common foot. All the toes are almost proportionate with the big toe as the longest. These people are outgoing and social with a spark in their personality that also makes them charismatic.

They are well-balanced, organised, and friendly in their lives making them good-natured and tactical. They express themselves well without overpowering others and are good listeners. They make friends effortlessly.

Not to be confused with Reed Richard's foot in Fantastic Four, the stretched foot has all the toes squeezed together. The foot has a slim look, the big toe is the largest and then size decreases with each toe.

If you have a stretched foot, you enjoy being on your own and basking in your private space. You tend to be secretive. You also don't have enough control over your mood and tend to be impulsive.

People with this foot like planning things in advance before implementation. They have good control over their mood and stay organised.

If your little toe is unable to separate the others, it means you prefer to stick to your routine. You are very strict about maintaining your routine and are loyal. You make great friends.

You constantly look for a change in your life. You get bored easily and this can create feelings of being unhappy. You are often moody.

You don't get emotionally attached to anything easily. It is easy for you to detach even in your day-to-day tasks.

You are considered to be very expressive. When you are jolly, you make an entire atmosphere bright. You have great influence over others. Because of this, it is best to be left alone when you are in a bad mood.

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