5 Life-saving essentials to beat the heat at work

Come shine, come heat, these essentials are a must-have in your bag for work.

5 Lifes-saving essentials to beat the heat at work

Your workplace is essentially your second home without the furniture and favourite throw pillow. Still, it is a treasured space with your favourite cup, seat, and people.

In such a space, you need extra help to cool and maintain a conducive environment under the current heat spikes.

Here are five must-have items in your carry-on to help you deal with the heat in a shared space.

Handheld or portable fans come in all shapes and sizes with charge options for convenience. Not every office space has air conditioning and sometimes that's not even enough! You can move with your wireless, rechargeable, or plug fan and get creative with cooling.

Personal hygiene is especially important when the body is working so hard to stablise. To minimise sweat wear light clothing, keep your space aerated, and avoid staying out in the sun so much. However, even with these measures, some people are more prone to body odour than others. Carry deodorant to stay fresh. Avoid strong perfumes and strong body splashes as they can make you feel sticky and more susceptible to bad odour.

Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated.

Keep your lips looking fresh and glowing with a minty balm. If there's anything that the heat quickly exposes, it's ashy lips. Hydrating alone may not be enough and licking your lips all day is off-putting. Minty balm enhances the feeling of coolness on the lips.

Wipe, wipe, and wipe until the heat is declared a national emergency.

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