Bobi Wine swoons over Barbie's smile with promise of 'swearing in'

Lovebirds Robert and Barbie Kyagulanyi sent social media into a frenzy over their banter and a teaser from Robert promising her a brighter future to outcompete her smile. Barbie was a picture of serenity in a floral dress and looking much like a modern-day Eve at the forefront of green scenery at one love beach.

Bobi Wine swoons over Barbie's smile with promise of 'swearing in'/Instagram

The spirited comment came after Barbie's tag that sent the singer-turned-politician into a fortune teller while praising her immaculate smile.

"Taata, Sebo mukama wange, Mwami wange, Omukulu Kyagulanyi. Webale kundabilila. Nembeera nga silina lubale oba nkwagulo jontaddeko mu myaka abiri mugumu jetumaze ffena? Oli musajja nyo mukwano. Sinze mwangu enyo naye ongumikilizza. Neyanziza. Neyanzeege Bobi Wine," she posted.

Translation: Father, Sir, my lord, My husband, Mr Kyagulanyi. Thanks for taking care of me. And I haven't had a scar or a scratch on my body in the twenty-one years we've been together? You are a very manly man, my love. I am not very easy but you have been patient with me. Thank you so much Bobi Wine."

The praise struck Bobi Wine's heartstrings reminding him of his lyrics over a decade ago which said, "Singa nze Museveni".

Wine replied saying, "Labayo ka smile😍. Ate sinnaba, gwe linda tumale okulayira." (Translation: Look at that smile😍. And I'm just getting started, wait until we're done swearing."

Fans flooded the comments with equal parts envy for the love between the two and congratulating them on their relationship.

Barbie also posted a similar photo on her Instagram where she expressed the abundance that has filled her life and overpours.

"This stage of life I am at is called….Of what more use can I be to this universe?" the caption read.

Is the promise one Bobi Wine can keep?

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