5 reasons feminists make the best girlfriends

Dating can be a minefield of mismatched values and expectations.

Reasons feminists make the best girlfriends

However, entering into a relationship with a feminist can offer a refreshingly different experience. Why, you ask? Well, feminists bring to the table a set of values centered on equality, respect, and mutual support.


Let's explore some reasons why dating a feminist might just be the best relationship decision you ever make.

  • Equality even in paying bills

Feminists deeply value equality, and this principle shines brightly in their relationships. You'll find that chores, decisions, and responsibilities are shared, making the partnership truly equal.


This approach fosters a strong sense of fairness and cooperation, laying a solid foundation for a healthy relationship.

  • You'll have a supportive girlfriend

Dating a feminist means having a partner who supports your dreams and ambitions—wholeheartedly. Feminists understand the importance of personal growth and career aspirations, and they're all about lifting their partners up.

Whether you’re eyeing that promotion or wanting to switch careers, a feminist partner has your back.

  • No gender roles

Say goodbye to the traditional gender roles that dictate who does what in a relationship. Feminists believe in breaking down these outdated norms, freeing you both to be your true selves.

This means you won't hear things like "You're the man you should do this". You are free to pursue your interests and hobbies without the pressure to conform to societal expectations.

  • You'll have an understanding girlfriend

Feminists are generally very empathetic and strive to understand different perspectives, including the challenges faced by various genders. This empathy fosters a nurturing and supportive environment in the relationship, where both partners feel seen and valued.

  • A partnership of equals

Dating a feminist can offer a refreshing and empowering experience. It's about building a relationship grounded in equality, respect, and mutual support.

While every relationship has its unique challenges, the principles that feminists bring into a partnership can help create a strong, healthy, and fulfilling bond.

So, if you’re looking for a relationship where you’re valued as an equal and supported in every endeavor, dating a feminist might just be the key to finding that deep, meaningful connection.


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