These old pictures of Precious Remmie will light up your day

June 5th 2023, 2:10:52 pm

A montage of old pictures of Precious Remmie shared on social media is both inspiring and revealing.

Precious Remmie

The pictures, which were shared in a TikTok video show the T.V. presenter, whose real name is Remmah Nakitto, in different settings. Some should have been taken when she was still a teenager.

The most interesting takeaway, judging by comments on the video, is that someone's life can always change is so many different ways.

A commenter said: "every successful person have [sic] a painful story."

Said another: "😂😂😂oba y am I laughing."

Another commented: "wow for sure that is the reason I respect everyone in his or her dignity🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️"


Precious Remmie, who also goes by Ray P., is a multifaceted media personality.

At some point, she was even in the music industry, signed to a dancing and singing group called City Rock Entertainment.

While in the group, they released a song called Omukazi Tadiba in 2011.

The group, which was founded in 2009, is comprised of both men and women. The aforementioned song was produced by David Washington Ebangit and Ark Records.

Tiktok Sensation Angella Summer Nambiru also once belonged to City Rock Entertainment.

Remmie, who is also an actress, has worked with top media houses, including Galaxy F.M., Spark T.V. and Sanyuka T.V.

Also a makeup artist and fashion designer, in September 2022 she announced her departure from Spark T.V. where she had worked for four years and joined Sanyuka.

The departure came after the chatty T.V. host was moved from Live Wire, a gossip show she inherited after Zahara Totto and Ana Talia Oze left for Next Media. She co-hosted the show with Gabie Ntaate.

In March 2022, the bubbly TV personality was replaced by Immy Candace, who was poached from BTM TV -- and moved to a show called Spark Updates.

Watch the video below:

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