Alien Skin on why Champion Ogudo is not in school, talks 'Sitya Danger' concert

June 5th 2023, 3:35:15 pm

Alien Skin said his bodyguard Champion Ogudo might be richer than you.

Alien Skin and Champion Ogudo

Skin was Monday afternoon hold a press conference about his upcoming concert and a press corp asked him why Ogudo doesn't go to school.

Alien Skin said he is showing Champion Ogudo the music trade at an early age.

"Personally I didn't go to school... when I was his age, I didn't have anyone to show me the way," said Skin.

"I'm now showing him the business. Do you know that Champion Ogudo may be richer than you."

Ogudo and Skin have worked on some music projects together. The latest song, which is a collaboration of six singers, including Ogudo and Skin, is titled Olimukulu. It was uploaded on YouTube two days ago.


Skin, real name Patrick Mulwana, recently revealed that he was raised by a single mother and he dropped out of school at a young age. He claimed that the reason for dropping out was because he had seen a number of uninspiring village-mates with university degrees.

He tried a number of things to earn a living, including riding Boda Boda before settling for music. His friends and relatives had been encouraging him for a while, including D.J. Eric Pro, his elder brother, but he had been reluctant.

According to reports, Alien Skin started singing in 2017 as an underground rapper in the ghetto but began dropping jams regularly in 2019.

His single titled Tulabise, which was released in 2021, played a big role in spotlighting him after it was embraced by TikTokers as they danced and sang to it.

After dropping Tonkaka and Sitya Danger in 2022, he got the attention of key influencers in the industry.

Sitya Danger Concert

Alien Skin shocked many when he announced Sunday that he would be holding a concert dubbed Sitya Danger on Friday, June 9 at Freedom City Mall.

That's the same day Pallaso will be holding his Love Fest Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

Some observers believe Alien Skin could have abruptly put up the show to cash in on the sympathy following a beating he got from Pallaso.

Pallaso apologised to him and Skin initially seemed to have accepted the apology, but it appears some of his advisors must have told him that pushing for polarity might have some benefits.

Pallaso has a history of flopped concerts, and this is already not looking good. Alien Skin said he doesn't need to rehearse to hold a concert.

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