Interesting things about Balaam's stripped orange t-shirt

Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi is a Ugandan events promoter and a public figure. One of the most notable things about the promoter is his "uniform" a stripped orange t-shirt that he is seen wearing anywhere the cameras pick him out.


Whether he is a minimalist or simply likes his casual clothing, his choice to always appear that way no matter the occasion is remarkable and says some interesting things about him and fashion in general.


Although this style is not unique to him, he certainly stands out for the choice of colour. Apple icon Steve Jobs and Meta's Mark Zuckerberg are famous for this style of routinely wearing one kind of clothing. The difference is that they choose neutral colours, and this is common for many people who choose to wear "one" kind of clothing.

Here are some interesting things we think about this iconic fashion choice in the making.


Say what you may about him, but this fashion statement is a testament to his individuality. If it doesn't communicate authenticity, it certainly communicates that he doesn't care what you think of him. Fashion is self-expression but there is a conventional attachment for many of us to pick out different clothing articles to represent us. Choosing one piece of cloth to wear when we have the privilege of getting more is often frowned upon but it is no less an expression of self.

In the grand scheme of things, Balaam's uniform is insignificant at best but we would be lying if we said that the day he appears in a different get-up would be less than a loss of a cultural landmark. Whether we acknowledge it or not, his t-shirt is a sort of comfort that has settled in our minds. It has been the subject of memes, cultural references, and the like.

Even though his t-shirt is supposed to be boring fashion it is strangely interesting, or at least stirs curiosity. In fashion culture, the clothes we wear influence how people see us and in many cases, how we feel about ourselves. Even though he is not in the league of Jobs and Zuckerberg, it is hard to imagine that Balaam would look out of place among suited folk.


It is almost like his striped orange t-shirt is who he is and doesn't require any other fashion article to fit in anywhere.

It is commonly said that the goal is to be rich and not to simply look rich. But this perception is based on the assumption that rich people don't have to look rich and that poor people overcompensate with looking rich. But there are many rich people who love fashion statements and underprivileged people who could not care less about what they wear.

But there is an element of simplicity that some people desire or need. For some people, not having to decide on what to wear every day is one less decision they don't have to make. They simply think there are better uses of their time and energy than choosing what to wear.


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