5 Things you should not wear to a concert in Uganda

Here's what not to wear for an outdoor evening concert.

5 Things you should not wear to a concert in Kampala

Kampala is a hotspot for major concerts and this attracts people from all walks of life. Sometimes revelers have to take extra care to have fun and leave safe and sound.


Fashion or dress code in particular attracts attention and sometimes it may not be for the right reasons.

Here are five fashion items you should not wear to a concert or major event around town.


To avoid attention from security authorities, leave any political uniform at home. Many entertainers have joined the political arena but it is important to maintain the line between their two personas. You risk getting in trouble for showing up at an entertainment event with political rally attire. It might also make other people uncomfortable.

Security authorities have discouraged the public from wearing attire that resembles or could be mistaken for police or army fatigue. For your sake and other revelers, don't wear any camouflage. Since events happen at night, it is easy to mistake your outfit.

Fanny packs or waist bags are great storage for small valuables and leave you free to move without carry-on weight. But they are also easy to slip off when you're distracted and surrounded by bodies.


They can also be a liability when traveling on motorcycles if someone tries to snatch them. If you must go with a waist bag make sure to wear it safely and securely.

Uganda is anti-LGBTQ+ so take care when wearing pride-related colours on your person. This is not to say that wearing rainbow colours proclaims your sexual orientation rather than fashion/style sense. Practice good judgement when deciding to add the rainbow to your outfit for your safety.

Crowded spaces are generally not good for heavy jewellery. For your safety, keep the accessories to a minimum. In the throng of bodies, accidents happen and your accessories may cause you harm. They may also attract hostile attention.


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