We can all relate to this comment about $2 billion jackpot winner

Every once in a while there comes a jackpot winner that scoops the cash prize of the American lottery game Powerball. Its recent winner is one Edwin Castro who was seen in public for the first time since he won. This Twitter user had the perfect response.


Sleep can be an elusive mistress. In this case, a good night's sleep can be like winning a jackpot. You know those days, when you doze off before midnight or practice some self-discipline to get seven or more hours of sleep? Even then, those days can make few appearances, but we move.


When the picture of the lottery billionaire in public sufficed, many users were quick to point out the lack of security guards. In fact, it was miraculous that he hadn't been kidnapped.

TWEETEST BOY OF PH@Ijawphilosopher: "Na to use 1 Billion hire security."


IRUNNIA@Irunnia_: "America is sweet ooo. Person wins $2billion and he dey waka around without security. In my country na for inside bank them go even kidnap you."

Crypto_engr 🔶 🐳 𓃵@Crypto_omo: "I won't walk without a bodyguard! 2 billion gosh."

Indeed the man has gained an upper hand on his life going forward as LA Times pointed out along with other commenters.

But one user, Mudee Banks, delivered an outstanding comment saying if he won the lottery jackpot, "I go first buy sleep. Omo, how I want take sleep."


We are inclined to agree with Banks. There are either simply too many things calling for one's attention or a lack of control over that aspect which reduces sleep quality exceedingly.

According to BBC, as a good night's sleep becomes a rare occurrence for many, business minds are taking the opportunity to create products and services that promise a return on sleep.

However, sleep products and services can only do so much when organic sleep is affected. They may even make the situation worse in the long run.


Another interesting result came up when we searched for ways of getting a good night's sleep, and that's the mattress. A good mattress is highly recommended if you want to have a good night's sleep.

According to sleep retailer, a good night's sleep can cost you about $290 (around Shs1 million).


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