‘Do better next time’ - Maureen Nantume tells off guests who broke dress code at son’s birthday

June 10th 2023, 12:32:22 pm

Singer Maureen Nantume threw a lavish birthday fete for her son who turned one on Friday, June 9th.

Singer Maureen Nantume threw her son a birthday party on Friday

The sumptuous evening party was attended by a handful of friends and her family members including her father who traveled all the way from Mityana.

In her lengthy speech, the ‘sili ndogoyi’ singer was full of gratitude to her family, her husband Ronnie Muganza and work colleagues for making the event memorable.

I was worried and I prayed to God saying even though this is a back to school season, I need to do this for my son because it is most important. I am grateful to my friends who have supported me to make this a success without leaving me in debt,” she said.

Nantume however, also had a word for those who didn’t turn up in white, the night’s dress code.

I brought Leila here to do this beautiful makeup that you see, and she went back to get white. The rest of you who didn’t dress in white, next time I will put a guard with a stick at the entrance to chase you away,” quipped the gorgeous former Golden Band diva.


Talking about her son Kian, Nantume, now a devoted born-again Christian described him as a blessing from God.

Although she had two daughters and felt content, she said the arrival of the boy last year was perfect timing.

God is so gracious that he will pick something that he realizes you need and give it to you just at the right time. He gave me this boy whom I love so very much,” she said.

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