8 better ways to start your Monday morning

Here are eight ways to start the week in high spirits.


Whether or not you are a morning person, Monday mornings can take a toll. Before you know it, you have to get out of your lounge clothes or party clothes and look presentable for work.

While you have a few days to adjust to the work week, there's almost no warning before the weekend is shut off.

To help you make that adjustment faster, here are eight tips.

Yes, Sunday blues from saying goodbye to the weekend can tempt you to have that last sip of fun but steer clear of that temptation. There's little that can get you in a jolly mood on a Monday when you are hangover.

It is common for people to say their health goals start on Monday. But this is unrealistic and also makes your Monday more stressful. The last thing you need while complaining about Monday is to eat some vegetables. Instead, eat your favourite foods and indulge your sweet tooth. Tuesday can take it up from there with the health bites.

Do something out of the ordinary on your way to work. Get something that will stimulate you during your ride. Why not read or learn about something in your immediate environment? Perhaps making a stop for something that you may want?

If you want to change your mind and feelings about Monday, you need more time. This means getting up earlier by a few minutes than usual. This allows you to slow down during your morning routine and feel more relaxed for the day ahead.

Or you can get up later than usual. If it helps you get more sleep time, why not? If your strengths include getting ready in the fastest time possible and multitasking, have at it. The adrenaline might give you a boost anyway.

It is the most important meal of the day after all. The mental and nutritional benefits of breakfast are essential for any day but more so Monday. Plus most breakfast meals are easier to prepare or get than the other meals of the day.

You might fall back asleep, first of all, and wake up in a bad mood and be disorganised. Also, if you lie around in bed, your default thoughts about the morning, day, and week will assault your mind and drain you of the mental strength to deal with the day. Have a go-getter slip out of bed, fake it if you have to!

Acts of kindness are super cool and easy to do. It can be a compliment, buying breakfast for two, or helping someone. If it makes someone feel good, you too will feel good.

If you have had some good Mondays, appreciate the experience and keep it alive in your mind. Learn about great things that have happened on Mondays.

Keep things in perspective with a bit of a reality check. Is Monday really the worst thing?

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