5 signs your boyfriend hates you and wants to break up

Ladies, here are the signs your relationship is over, and your boyfriend probably hates you now.

Ladies, here are the signs he's done with you [imgfile]

He might be harbouring resentment, or his feelings have disappeared, but he can’t say it.

Here are the signs your relationship is over:


When a man is over you, he has no filter in his mouth; he says the meanest things because he's trying to trigger you and get you to break up with him.

The way you eat, dress, walk, talk, everything about you annoys him. Imagine you ask him, “Where are your keys?” and he replies, “You always ask stupid questions,” or you ask him, “How’s my hair?” and he says, “You’ve done better hairstyles."

He suddenly asks so coldly—no call, no texts, no dates. This was someone who couldn’t stop talking to you on the phone, and used to set up dates and outings. All of a sudden, he seems so far away and is suddenly too busy for you.


Whether you had a bad day at work or school or you are going through something particularly depressing, he doesn’t care, and he lets you know that by his actions.

You find yourself asking and begging him to show some concern. He can even forget your birthday and anything else that’s important to you. Ladies, when this happens, it’s time to move on.

Yes, things are bad; you can sense it, but he won't admit it. He doesn’t call or text you anymore. When you first met him, it didn’t look like he had a life outside of you; now he is cold and distant.


You call him, and he doesn’t pick up. When he does pick, his responses are as cold as Canada in the winter, so you try to talk through the issues by discussing how you have noticed the changes, and he shuts you down by saying nothing is wrong.

It could be that he’s spending more time with ‘his guys’ or he’s going out on dates with other women. Either way, you can sense the shift in his attention.

Sometimes, when you call him, his line is always engaged; He's online but your texts go unresponded. He’s always talking to someone else, and that someone isn’t you.

Ladies, protect your mental health by ending the relationship when you aren't being treated right, he knows what he's doing and it's not just in your mind.


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