30+ beautiful compliments he wants to hear from you

Don't ask us how we know he will appreciate them. He will. Compliments are simple and sweet expressions of love, recognition and appreciation. Men may give out compliments easily but find it hard to receive them. It doesn't mean they appreciate them less than women.

Partners can benefit from complimenting each other often not just in dynamics but in words too/Courtesy

There are thousands of texts and conversations you will share and it is a shame if none of them is filled with a compliment. Compliments have this boomerang energy and joy which the giver gets as much as the receiver.


Contrary to what you may think or what romantic movies may have you believe, men are just as welcoming to praise and appreciation and sometimes more, according to relationship coach Jordan Gray.

On the other hand, women may find it hard or even shy away from giving men compliments because of how "unusual" it appears. So while a good morning text for him with a compliment is a great idea, you should find ways of dishing him these compliments more often.


Knowing how affected someone is by you is a life-affirming experience, especially if it's from your partner. "Essentially all men know the feeling of having someone walk past them who is so attractive that they go weak in the knees. The intoxicating rush of attraction that we feel is a potent one," says Gray.

Here are some examples of attraction compliments

  • I'm helpless to the way I blush around you
  • You know how to make me smile all the time, I wonder how you do it.
  • I feel you on a deep level it's unbelievable
  • Your presence is so safe and comfortable, I have never felt this way around anyone
  • I have never been more turned on by anyone
  • You are so funny, you are the funniest man I know
  • You have such beautiful and captivating eyes
  • Your voice makes me weak in the knees
  • I feel unstoppable with you, I have never felt that way with anyone

One of the ways to a man's heart is by supporting him and believing in him. "One of my clients said, 'When she says any variation of ‘I believe in you’ I feel like a superhero who can achieve anything'," says Gray.

Here are some examples of expressing your admiration for him.

  • I believe in you
  • You are so driven and I love that about you
  • I know you can achieve whatever you put your mind to
  • Of course, others want to work with you, you are amazing at what you do, and people trust you and your abilities.
  • You are hard-working and people recognise it, so, of course, you got the raise/new job. I am proud of you.
  • Look at what you have accomplished already. You will continue to do many great things and get through any situation.

Although men don't suffer the body shaming campaigns as much as women, they also have their insecurities. But most importantly, everyone likes knowing that their partner finds them physically pleasing. It can be any body part that you like, that he has worked on or both.

  • You look/are so handsome
  • Wow, your gym sessions are paying off great
  • You are/look so manly today. It is hot/I like it.
  • You look so good in that (insert outfit or clothing article)
  • Your smile/laugh is so captivating
  • I feel so good and loved when wrapped in your strong sexy arms

Recognise his efforts in the relationship and outside of it. Not only will he feel seen and heard, but your relationship will also enjoy more of those efforts.

Bring attention to the things he does, the simplest, the mundane and the big ones.

It can be something around the house or elsewhere. You don't have to point out specific acts of service, simply appreciate the efforts as a whole and point out specifics when it fits.

  • You are so gentle and calm, I love it
  • You are so good to me
  • Thank you for preparing a delicious meal
  • There's nothing you can't fix, is there?
  • You are so sexy and charming when you let your playful side out

Studies have shown that feeling respected has a higher emotional reward for men than feeling loved. Although studies may be dismantled on an individual level, respect in a relationship is important.

When it comes to gender-based qualities, it can be hard to pinpoint where they come from but their reality can't be denied especially in relationships. At best, they can be discussed and be a point of conflict at worst.

Here are some examples of compliments around respect, trust and leadership

  • You’re a good man
  • I’m proud of who you are, and I have so much respect for you
  • Each time I see you, you are a better version of yourself
  • I appreciate you for your courage to admit (insert)/apologise/engage in that tough conversation
  • I love how kind and forgiving you are with your loved ones and the people you meet
  • I'm always on your side
  • You have never taken us down a wrong path 
  • You give the best advice, I love how perceptive and smart you are

It can be hard to compliment partners when we don't have the words or try to make it special from the other compliments we give everyone else. The examples listed above can help steer you in the right direction.


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