Makerere University Council questioned for sacking head of staff tribunal

Makerere University Council is facing criticism for dismissing Justice Patrick Tabaaro, the head of the Staff Tribunal whose term had not yet ended, without first contacting Prof. Ezra Suruma, the university chancellor.

The Makerere University Main Hall in Kampala

Prof. Suruma expressed his displeasure with the removal of Justice Tabaro from office without his consent in a letter dated May 22 that was written to the chairperson of the university council.


According to him, the Chancellor is the only person who has the legal authority to designate the chairperson of the Tribunal, and as a result, only that person has the legal right to dismiss the chairperson.

The Staff Tribunal's operations were put on hold by the University Council on April 6 at the Attorney's advice because it was deemed improperly constituted.

Prof. Suruma asserted that the University Council lacks the authority to impose orders removing the Tribunal chairperson in a four-page letter to Lorna Magara, the chairperson of the Makerere University Council.


The public questioned why the university couldn't wait for Justice Tabaaro's term to expire because his contract had five weeks left until it ended.

In light of the aforementioned circumstances, Prof. Suruma has given the University Council the order to rehire Justice Tabaaro until the end of his tenure. He also requested an apology for Tabaaro from the University Council.

The University Council is scheduled to meet on June 21 to continue discussing the issues presented, according to the university secretary.

Pulse Uganda is keenly following the events and what will unfold in the coming weeks. We have been reliably informed that the issue will be addressed.


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