6 simple ways your health improves using this home exercise

Use this wall exercise to get relief from some of these health problems.

6 simple ways your health improves using this home exercise

Holding your legs up against the wall every day for five minutes is a simple remedy with a number of health benefits.

This wall pose, also known as viparita karani, is restorative to the body by giving it a break from gravity especially if you are on your feet for a long period or sit too much.

Put a mat on the floor against the floor.

Lie on the mat and put a soft pillow or towel under your lower back or neck.

Wiggle until your sitting bones are against the wall and your legs are flat against the wall.

Put your legs flat against the wall.

Relax your face, neck, and your arms on the floor and relax for five minutes.

If you feel tingly in the legs, bend them and hug your knees to your chest until the tingling stops. You can re-do the pose after that.

When getting out of the pose, pull your knees to your chest and roll onto one side.

Rest there a moment and gently start sitting up. Avoid sitting or standing abruptly.

Once you sit properly, shake your legs and start to stand slowly to help balance your blood flow.

  1. It helps relieve stress and anxiety
  2. It helps ease headache
  3. Regulates blood flow
  4. Reduces swelling in legs and soreness
  5. It improves digestion and gut health
  6. It helps with reproductive health
  1. If you have excessive fluid retention
  2. If you have glaucoma
  3. If you have cardiovascular issues
  4. If you have serious health conditions.
  5. If you have high blood pressure.
  6. If you have spinal disorders.

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