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Leon Edwards gave me a 20-minute nap – Kamaru Usman

"They don't want me doing anything to cause vibration to my brain" - Doctors ban Nigerian Nightmare from training after knockout.

Angry Kamaru Usman ready for revenge against Leon Edwards in 3rd fight

Nigerian-American professional mixed martial artist (MMA) star Kamarudeen Usman has explained what happened after he was knocked out at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 278.

Jamaican-born English professional MMA star Leon Edwards knocked out Usman in the fifth round to win the welterweight title at UFC278

The 35-year-old Usman has since been recovering from the devastating headshot that rendered him unconscious in front of 18,000 fans at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lak City, Utah.

Usman in an interview with UFC announcer Joe Rogan on his podcast explained his version of events after the knockout.


Usman started off by explaining how he was feeling good going into the final round against Edwards.

According to Usman, he has rewatched the fight against Edwards on multiple occasions since then.


Usman then went on to reveal that doctors have banned him from training for a potential trilogy fight against Edwards.

According to Usman, the ban by the doctors on training is temporary as he continues his recovery.

Usman said because he can't train for now, all he can do is take his daughter to school and watch movies.

Explaining his routine after the fight, Usman said, “All right let's go train, and I go usually go back to the gym and whether it's just hitting a bag.


But now with this fight the way it ended they're like hey you can't train for a certain amount of time.

You can't get the bag as they don't want me doing anything to cause vibration to my brain or anything like that so I'm just like you know what I'm just gonna lay low.

I want to go train I want to go do something, I feel completely fine like I said it was almost like Leon gave me a 20-minute nap and I was back there was no other repercussions nothing I feel nothing except for the bump on my shin for kicking his elbow.

I feel nothing so I want to go back but the doctors are like saying even though you might not feel anything there might be some bruising back there that you don't know that could cause some type of harm later.


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